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Oblivion Pathing screwed up


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noone AT ALL uses pathing in the imperial waterfront they just run towards where there target is, i found it quite funny at first, but it gets old fast, im sick of seeing people swimming in water because they are to thick to walk to the bloated float.


im also having only 15-30 fps in imperial city(haven't tried in other towns, dungeons seem to be fine though) despite having:

8gb of ddr3 ram(1333 hz(i also did the 4gb patch in css explorer)

i7 2600k(3.3ghz(hyper threading is on)

Ati HD 5850 1gb



i believe it could be Xeo doing this due to other people talking about it, i know i should upload my load order but i want to know if theres any other cases of this happening first.(my version of xeo is xeosp+++(or whatever that latest version is)(also allot of the humanoid enemies in dungeons arent anime styled due to me having frans+mmm)

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Hmmm, first question would be if there is still a correct pathgrid.

Console commands that may help determine this:

TPG, to show the grid, and TPL to show the path someone is trying to take.


Usually when the AI can't cope, you see people just standing in place, frozen, not running around like headless chickens.

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If you have Better Cities installed then there will be a large FPS hit in the waterfront (this is a known issue for better cities and one they don't have a solution for).


I myself run XeoSp++ and this shouldn't have any impact on fps UNLESS you have installed the 4028 high rez textures.


I also run OOO along with 100plus other mods and am not having any issues so there is hope for you! :)


Post your load order and what utilities you have and what versions (OBSE v20, Pluggy 132, and so on).


Also you might grab Oblivion Stutter Remover from the nexus as it redoes the stack heaps for better memory management and Streamline as well.

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