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[WIP] The Stalker

Ark of Truth

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The Stalker

Boss based NPC


Warframe meets Skyrim :D




----- Introduction -------------------------------------------


Enter the Stalker!


The Stalker is a custom NPC designed to be the ultimate assassin against players. He uses custom weapons which he will uses against players.






----- What you will need -------------------------------------------


Everything will be included unless otherwise stated. You will need the latest version of Skyrim.



----- Manual install procedure for SexLab, FNIS and SKSE -------------------------------------------


- Will be done at time of release - 

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Does he only go after the player once? Or does he have several versions of himself, or whatever, that keep coming after you from time to time in the same way the dawnguard keep going after the vampire player?


He will go after you once ever 24 hours, regardless of where you are or what you are going.


Well thats the plan anyway.

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I'd appreciate a setting that allows you to modify the interval at which the stalker attacks (or starts stalking) you; i.e. every 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, etc, hours. Also a function to allow for some randomization in the intervals; i.e. +/- 1,2,3,4,5,6, etc. hours. So the stalker doesn't attack every 24 hours down to the second, this would make it somewhat unpredictable when you'd get attacked.


Just a suggestion.

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Well, it's not really unpredictable if you're the one who set the interval.


Hence the idea of setting a randomization interval that would add/remove 1-6 hours from the "base" interval you set.




Base interval - 48h (the time that has to pass for the stalker to attack you)

Random interval - 5h (the amount of time between 0 and this number will be subtracted/added to the Base Interval)


i.e. 48h -> roll dice -> subtract -> 0-5h -> roll dice -> 3h -> result= 48h-3h= 45h until attack

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Guest Ragna_Rok

nice idea :) ... but, for the timing, am i the only one that uses fast-travel when i need another 100 units of orichalcum and thus travel from town to town to buy all the blacksmiths have got?

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