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question about XEO5 ??


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Here, my question (and I installed xoe5, everything works well the characters are displayed) when the game loads when I change maps I have an error message telling me "please insert the CD into hardisk 1 \ dr1 "(something like that, I'm not but wonder that oblivion.exe) after, well I click" continue "and continues to market anything but boring.


sorry if my English is bad

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Let me summarize:

1. You installed Xeo5

2. The game loads fine.

3. When you fast travel the game hangs and asks you to insert the CD.

4. You insert the disk and click "continue" and then....?????


Please correct what is wrong above because that is all I can get from your post. :(

I understand that English is not your first language but in order to help I have to be able to make some sense out of what you are saying :)

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insert?, like playing oblivion without the dvd in the D drive all the time?, that's how you play oblivion, you have to use the original game dvd all the time to play, in my case i made an image and mounted it with alcohol 120% so i could keep my dvd safe and free of dust on its package and i can play just fine, you need to have the oblivion dvd inserted in your cpu at all times, i dont think oblivion has a full installer when the partial one is 4.5 Gb (without expansions and dlc), or have the oblivion image mounted in a virtual drive, that's kinda your only problem

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Well, if this is a pirated version then I am sorry but we won't help you there. Buy the game as it is cheap being so old and worth every penny with all of the mods.


If you have a legit version then either insert your oblivion cd/dvd or if you don't want to risk damaging the original make yourself a backup copy and use that.

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You shouldn't need the CD even for a legit copy. Bethesda removed CD copy protection with a later patch. I'm not sure if this applies to GOTY Edition, but I think it does since that's what I've been using and I haven't seen my disc is so long I'm not even sure if it's in the same hemisphere as me.


Reinstall and apply every official update would be the safest bet.

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Read what he says ?? he even says so in has last post, of pirated copy. As for legit copy, as far i remembered you always needed the cd in. That's also how mine got scratched beyond repair.


I am not sure what OBSE does, but even with that, obse thread says you need oblivion disc in.

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