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New to Skyrim, need some help with starting out


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Hi ll, I've been playing FONV for some time now sexing my way through the waste land, just bought Skyrim from Steam and damn if I'm not on over load looking at body mods on you know where.  So I thought like others have I would pick your brains and see what comes out.  I reading most everything here also seeingwhat others have asked and your replies.


What type of body replacement models and textures do you recommend?  For body, face, eyes and hair.  I like a nice wide butt, large breast and even thinking Futanari :-)  Been looking at the chubby and BBW mods also.  

holly shit...I have no idea right now what mods with CBBE-CHSBHC-UNP ADEC mean.


I would like to have the BNB support like in fallout and from what I've been reading even the butt cheeks bounce now.


Any recommendations, oh almost forgot, I wanting to try out all the fun mods here like sexout in Fallout.  


Thank you for helping me out of he waste land.


One of Two

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Well I've been using this body and he has a new one coming out based on sevenbase this is the new one that's coming out soon the seven base



And here's the original unpbo as he calls it





It's a really nice body, but it's new and the creator is converting tons of armors as fast as he can so here's a link if you like what you see http://www.loverslab.com/topic/23723-unpbo-oppai-tbbpbbp-last-updated-1914/


I use mature skin textures for unp and fair skin sweaty body and sporty unp muscle map if I'm not mistaken and cover women.





There are tons of other bodies. I just use unp because well I just feel like it's better than the others. Everyone is different though and he's working on getting pregnancy added to the body as well. It all depends on what you like, just browse around and you'll find things you like.


There's also this one that I liked, but I felt like the tits were to big for my taste.



And here's a lot of armors for the sevenbase body if you like that one more.



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UNPBB or standard UNP (both with TBBP or BBP). There are tons of clothing and armor for them as well. TONS.


I like SG Female Textures Renewal for skin. It's nice and realistic, comes with an options folder (for smooth/hair, scars/no scars, moles/no moles high/low res), and the makeup isn't overdone.


For hairs you can get ApachiiSkyHair full set and find SG hair packs (I can lead you to a link for those if you'd need it) then you'd have at least 300 hairstyles to choose from. You could try a different one every day! :D


I'd suggest getting ECE for character creation as well so you can take advantage of these awesome Skyrim women. Race Menu is another alternative and that has even more sliders plus overlays (for more scars, more paints, more makeup options, pubic hair options, freckles, etc.).



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