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CLS Weird body texture.


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Hello while i was playing with the mod i noticed this weird texture problem appearing everytime the NPCs were naked.

I have follow the install instructions to the letter, yet this body texture is the only problem, everything else works prefect.

Take i look at those two pictures and help me fix the problem.



Thank you for your time.

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You need the universal skeleton. 

Here: unzip it in your \Oblivion\Data\meshes\Characters\_male folder.


It should work, tell me if not!



PS: are you in the beginning of the mod? If yes, I'd like to use you for Beta. All you have to do is update some files and it should work perfectly fine, it did for me !



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It seems i found the solution myself, the problem was with the boobs animation since i only had HG EyeCandy Body and apparenlty that mod did had animations so they were showing that problem.What i did was to install HGEC Body with BBB v1dot12 that had the animations in it.

Thanks again for the help, if someone has the same problem as mine they should see if their body mod supports animations and tell how i can join the beta testing Grumpf?

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Hi !

Glad it works.


For the ß; you need to replace all the BSAs with the new ones you can find here:




  • But first thing first: Back Up your Oblivion, copy your Data folder somewhere or Zip it. If you lack space, you can delete the movies, the musics and the big BSAs, those are easy to fix. If you have space, by all means, just copy the folder and keep it for later :)


  • Then you must delete all the Vtoy*.BSA. If ti's not clear; stop right there criminal scum!

Let's go slowly.


  • So backup, download the files, delete your old BSAs then copy the files (don't forget the patch). Your game should now work exactly like before.


  • After that, you'll new the new esp. Your game should work like before.
  • A popup will appear, answer by clicking on the first option: "do you want to play the quest or".

Then go on like nothing happened. If you encounter a missing texture or any glitch, message me.


I'll post the last esp here.



Cheers and thanks !

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Well apparently after i recruited Sarah when she is naked sleeping her butt is missing, this is getting really grazy, first i have problem with the boobs as you see in my first post but i manage to fix but then Sarahs butts is showing the same problem.Can you tell me what mods do you use for the body textures?


The mods i'm using are: HG EyeCandy Body, HGEC Body with BBB v1dot12, Unofficial Oblivion Patch, Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch, OBSE and Alternative Start Arrive by Ship.

I'm i missing a mod that is recuired for the CLS to work or is any of those mods creating a problem, could somebody help fix that annoyning problem for good?

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It's the same one. Did you use the universal skeleton I posted before?

Sarah's body (like many CLS bodies) have boobs and butt bones (well, it makes sense for us here, not so much IRL ;) ).

You must use the skeleton provided for CLS (or a even more complex one, doesn't matter as long you have OP & Buttcheeks bones).

You may need to play a bit with archive invalidation if you got the skeleton but it's still not working.


I'm here so tell me how it goes.



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I used the skeleton you posted on the previous post and this happend.



It's really strange, any other possible solutions?


(Update: i managed to fix the boobs but the only problem is Sarah butt and i used both Universal Skeleton Nif and Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeletons but they only make things worse, i'm i installing the skeletons wrong?)


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Well i managed to fix the problem for this time, apparently HGEC is not compatible with CLS so i searced around for DMRA and it worked.You can close the topic now i don't thing i will run into another problem.Also i will try and help with the best testing soon enough you only need to tell me what to download and where should i put the files.

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