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Are these DMRA'd yet


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The thing you gotta know about the whole "body" system in this game is that whatever body type the outfit was originally made for, it will "overwrite" what your character's actual body type is. Let's say you have a DMRA (nude) body type for your character and your outfit is HGEC C-up. The moment you put on the outfit on your character, she no longer appears to have DMRA but rather C-cup sized breasts. Of course, you could just remove her clothes again and you'll see the DMRA body that you originally installed.


With that said, this whole "compatibility" thing is really something you shouldn't be too concerned of with the exception of a very few set of outfit mods out there.


In regards to Gabrielle's Sexy Boutique, I BELIEVE the outfits that you're looking for are indeed DMRA. You can check the screenshots and judge for yourself. :)

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