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Skyrim Saga Comic


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I am creating an original story written by my video and comic format on Oblivion, I am also creating a sequel to take us to the new world of Skyrim, is a very laborious and difficult project, so I would like those who want to see and spend the blog leave me any comments to know your opinion.

Here you have what would be the first page of the comic, because the story has just begun ......


Link Blog:



Page1 comic ( proyect )




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It looks very nice' date=' to be sure. I'm not entirely sure just how large the potential for plot and character development in Skyrim is, in the way that I don't know how high that limitless sky can go.


Kudos for a good idea.



thanks for your words, I think the sky is going to be short, the story is quite long, begins in Oblivion Series and will continue in Skyrim Saga

when I have more material it publishes



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Nicely done' date=' but the font is causing problems for me. I'm still not sure what that caption box says and I've tried to read it a dozen times.



Do not worry here you have the text of the page Skyrim:


In its day by day a youth nordic expert in the art of the hunt, no it imagines that in todays day she will be the pray, because the destination omens him what could never imagine.

She is Alysha and in their hands this the destination of Skyrim.


sorry for my English:)

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