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How to translate a mod?


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I'm really interested in getting LoversMS14Netori translated, but whenever I open it up in TES Construction set, everything is in gibberish. Can someone tell me how to get the proper text showing? I plan to C&P all the lines to a txt file and find someone who can translate them. More work for me, but it makes finding someone who can translate them a lot easier.


Given how disappointed I was to find DarkLessons won't be completed, I've been itching for another decent story mod and this is it. In case anyone is wondering, the mod adds a story line where Tivela Lythandas will have an affair with you. I don't know the details given the lack of translation, but there's some stuff with her husband which leads me to believe you can continue the affair even after you save him.

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Although I've never tried translating a foreign Oblivion mod myself, I can speak from personal experience that when it comes to foreign applications (like games, for example) you need to set up your PC's regional settings to that particular language in order actually see the correct text and not gibberish. Let's say you're trying to view Japanese text, so you would do this:


1. Start Menu > Control Panel

2. Clock, Language, and Region > Region and Language

3. Administrative > Change system locale... (under "Language for non-Unicode programs")

4. Set it to the language, e.g. Japanese (Japan), and hit OK

5. For best results, restart the computer

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Okay. I figured out how to export the text files, and I'm currently using a machine translator + my own writing skills to work. I'll probably release it, if anyone's interested.


Edit: Not sure how long it will take, since the context of what's going on in some of the dialogue is lost to me having stumbled through it once on my own. I may have to translate what I know, and play through it a few times while picking alternate options to see what is intended.

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