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animation call not working for on the floor like a *lu*?

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New member, first time poster. Found this place via a passing comment on Caliente's mod/Skyrim Nexus.


All I can say is, I had noooooo ideaaaa.:blush:


Anyhoo, I downloaded the Lovers with PK, required packs, support packs and the various extension packs per the forum postings and everything works wonderfully except for "On the floor like a slut."


Did a quick search with key words and didn't find anything relevant so I decided to post. See screen shot. I just downloaded Robert5 Male 5.2 and the animation is calling a mesh in the data/meshes/characters/_male folder. Only just prior, I was using the stock male body by Beth and I was seeing the potato sack loincloth lower body in the animation.


I'm sorry to say, I don't have enough knowledge to even get myself in trouble using CS much less solving the problem. And, I'm newb enough (surely, I am) that I can't say with any certainty that this is a mod glitch or if I screwed up the load order or what have you.


Is there a meister in here that might look at this and lay a hint on me? Thank you for your time.



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The only thing I can see wrong is your pc's dick is limp. Is this the problem your wanting help with? Lovers should auto switch to a hard on mesh so either you didn't install the resources pack correctly or the male body mod.


Let us know exactly what steps you took and what packages\plugins you installed.


I highly doubt this is a load order issue but posting it won't hurt either.

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Posted the load order showing all the packages I installed. OBSE is version 19b. I've installed the unofficial patches for Oblivion and Shivering Isles. Resource pack and latest esp/esm downloaded.


BOSS spread the lovers esm and esp files out a bit among my many others so I truncated the image to show Lovers files back to back.



Right you are, the dick is limp and prior to installing Robert5 Body, it was a loin cloth with legs.


I downloaded the Lovers with PK esm/esp, and Lovers resourse pack first. Played around oblivion to see what changes were affected. Then proceeded to install Lovers Minor Mod, adult play plusfor ssp, Joburg, PayBandit, then Rapers. I loaded up MB2 and BU framework at the last and that is that for lovers mods.


I just now re-unzipped the Lovers resourse pack and re-copied and pasted the ini, meshes, sound and texture folders into the DATA folder to make sure all the files were copied over tot he DATA folder. This did not alleviate the problem.


As for the Robert5 body mod, I've never used a male body mod before I installed Lovers(only female, HGEC). As mentioned before, I would get a lower body with no dick with loincloth. This looked like the animation was using the stock lower body mesh. The last MOD I loaded was Robert5 v5.2 to see if adding a male body mod would alleviate the situation. The only thing that changed was the animation now uses Robert5 lower body instead of the stock lower body as you saw in the screen shot.


I guess my confusion stems from seeing the right erect penis mesh being used for all other animations except for this one. I am currently assuming all animations use the same mesh which made me think the mesh is there, presumably in the correct location, but is not being used somehow.

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Ok, you do need a male body for lovers so grab roberts or whichever one strikes your fancy.


Lovers with pk like all mods depend on a critical load order and from what I see you don't come anywhere close to matching up with it. The FAQ contains a txt file with a sample load order at the bottom of the 1st post. Grab it and reorder your mods per its direction.

FAQ link: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=3


Upgrade OBSE to version 20 (required by lovers). OBSE link: http://obse.silverlock.org/


Note: You can't run adultplayplus and adultplayplusSSP at the same time (use the SSP version as it is the latest).


Once you have reorder thing post your actual load order via OBMM by hitting import\export and then view load order and copy it and paste it here.


Please use spoilers for your load order.


You can do a spoiler by:


paste picture or load order here



Substitute [] for {} above and you have a spoiler :)

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Load order has been re-ordered. Posting load order using spoiler tags. I've read the FAQ but didn't notice the TXT file attachment previously. I'm :cool: apparently...


1. Male body mod was downloaded prior to OP. Mesh and Texture files have been re-copied into the DATA folder-tree hierarchy.


2. obse upgraded to v0020.


3. Conflict was noted before via the forums. Rechecked (as in only 1 of the 2 was checked) at your behest.


4. Restarted Oblivion to see if this changed anything. No change to the problem.


5. I have one other file, Duke Patrick's Script Effect Silencer, which is supposed to be last in any load order. I'm making the appropriate Lovers files last per the FAQ. Hopefully, there's no inherent conflict as long as it's near the bottom.






Kvatch Rebuilt.esm

Better Cities Resources.esm

Lovers with PK.esm


CM Partners.esm

Younger Hotter NPC's v1.0.esp

Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp


Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp

Better Cities .esp

Original Color Darker Nights.esp


Enhanced Water v2.0 HD.esp

Enhanced Water v2.0 HD - SI Addon.esp


AliveWaters - Koi Addon.esp

AliveWaters - Slaughterfish Addon.esp

Living Economy - SI.esp

Living Economy - Items.esp

Get Wet.esp


Streamline 3.1.esp




CB Gothic Mistress.esp

HGEC Boots.esp

SpeedBuster Collection.esp


Exnem Leather Iron Warrior.esp

R18PN - Amy Armor Set.esp

R18PN - Bs Bondage.esp

R18PN - Dancer's Dress.esp

R18PN - Lingeries.esp

R18PN - Schatten lauf Amr.esp



Gloria Armor.esp

Clit Rings.esp

Plate Armor Plus - Woman's Move Edition.esp



Kvatch Rebuilt.esp



























KvatchRebuilt-CheydinhalFalls patch.esp









Tona Compilation.esp






CM Partners.esp

Blood Elves.esp

Chocolate Elves.esp

CM Partners Special NPCs.esp

CM Partners NPC.esp

CM Partners More NPCs.esp

CM Partners Marker NPCs.esp

CM Partners Extra NPCs.esp





Naughty Joana 01.esp


Better Cities Full.esp

Better Cities Full FPS Patch.esp

Better Cities - Unique Landscape Barrowfields.esp

Better Imperial City.esp

Better Cities - Unique Landscape Chorrol Hinterland.esp

Better Cities - Unique Landscape Cheydinhal Falls.esp

Better Cities - Unique Landscape Skingrad Outskirts.esp

Better Cities - Unique Landscape Imperial Isle.esp

Better Cities - No LEYAWIIN Flooding.esp

SMChorrol - BC Patch.esp

Better Imperial City FPS Patch.esp

Vtoy - TNR Patch.esp

Jump Adjustment.esp

Duke Patricks - BASIC Script Effect Silencer.esp









Lovers with PK.esp













6. PS. Just noticed LoverHidMenus.esp wasn't brought down to the bottom. I've placed it below Lovers HelpRapeVPlayer.esp and rechecked. No dice. (Didn't think it would but checked anyway).

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Ok, start oblivion hit tab and go to your spell book, select "sexual exploits" and cast it, then pick clothing & body, then penis display setting, make sure slof's boner's v3/v4 (various automatic) is checked.


If it is then you may need to reinstall both the resources and base package as something is not right. Before doing this try starting a new game as a test and sneak raping a chick to see if the problem persists.

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All right. Under Penis Display:

1. I tried "on the floor like slut" animation using first Alien-Slof's Boners! v3/v4 and then followed through with v5 normal and v5 cut. None of the check boxes resulted in a boner showing up during the animation sequence in question.

2. I also chose a different animation such as "on top" and "standing up" using the different Slof's boner settings and a boner did materialize in all cases.

3. The Lovers v1.2 setting resulted in a Mod file is missing! message, something that I had noted when I was working my way through the various settings the very first time. (So, should that be considered part of the problem or is it a separate issue?)


4. I've also started a new game, magic'd a cm partner into my jail cell and using Slof's v3/v4 boner tried two animation settings. "On top" worked, and once again, "like a slut" didn't.





5. I've re-downloaded the resource pack and the loverswithPKrev91 files and re-loaded them, starting with LoversResource followed by loverswithPK per the order in which the files were introduced in the Quick Installation guide. I'm afraid the problem still persists with reqards to that animation.

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I never used the resource pack but my own resource pack' date=' but if you are still missing mesh or texture, you can still find them here





Firstly, thank you both for the attention you've provided. I'm guessing it can be a thankless job sometimes so... THANKS!!!!


Thanks for the link. I looked for and then did a CTRL-F search for the word "resource" but nothing came up. Does this mean I need to focus my search on some kind of animation file (does animation exist as a separate type of file that other files call on?)


I guess, my question is, what am I looking on the livedoor page?

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It is a japanese website, the word resource won't work..


since you have version 5 of checked of slofs boners you need this one




or here




installed just meshes and textures.


My resource pack used to be here on wolflore in older versions. but then ashal took over with his on lovers lab, so i removed mine. I never used his, since i got my own. But i never checked if the resource pack here has everything in it.


once you have everything installed like meshes and textures use archiveinvalidation within OBMM to make it all finished. if you don't do this last step none of newer meshes will work.

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