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CK's Sexout AAR: The Scrap Metal Diaries


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CK’s Sexout AAR: The Scrap Metal Diaries




23rd July 2281 – 14:26 PM


Left the 188 trade post, proceeding south-east down the Long 15. No luck in Sloan, the quarry foreman wasn’t in the market for batteries or what little scrap metal I had. I did make a small return on power cells and a vacuum tube, but only enough to pay for what passes for food at the local joint. Deathclaw omelette? Something definitely died when I touched that, my appetite.


24th July 2281 – 18:03 PM


Heading to Goodsprings via the local Yangtze monument. Zed told me there is a nearby shack used by trappers that I could try and use. Found it after hiking about an hour offroad:






Good thing too, as I could definitely hear Coyotes nearby and I am low on ammo again. I have decided to spend the night here after making sure the door was tightly locked behind me.


24th July 2281 – 21:07 PM


I’ve made myself as comfortable as humanly possible with the limited amenities of this small bungalow. Aside from some scrap and a bottle of fixer, there was nothing of value. Cooked a can of pork and beans, I am tired and just about ready to go to bed.


24th July 2281 – 21:32 PM


Oh joy what luck! Just as I was tucking myself in what do I find if not a bottle of whisky right beneath the pillow! It’s moments like these that make life as a prospector worth living!


24th July 2281 – 22:52 PM


Half my bottle is gone. As liberating as singing along to Radio New Vegas while dancing around my trashcan fire is, I feel something is missing.


24th July 2281 – 23:01 PM


Damn, I always get horny when I drink whisky.


24th July 2281 – 23:11 PM


I just can’t believe my luck today! Only a quarter of the bottle left and what do I find underneath a box?






Jet baby Jet! I am going to fly so effing high tonight!


24th July 2281 – 23:23 PM


Hmmn... it’s not just that I feel so relaxed and at ease when I am on jet... it just blows my mind... I’d never noticed how the shape of the canister at the end just ... feels so right...






25th July 2281 – 23:37 PM


Hmnnf... ah this is so good. I’m so high and fucked. This must be my third orgasm by now. Jet is such a wonderful drug.






Ha, I wonder what the trappers would think if they saw me now. God I get closer just thinking about it...


25th July 2281 – 03:48 AM


[ ... ]


25th July 2281 – 10:55 AM


Oh god what a headache. I feel so sore too, I know I like it rough but I think I overdid it last night, both with the whisky and the jet. Urgh, need to pack up and head for Goodsprings. Hope they have a decent breakfast, could really do with some eggs, and bacon... and beans... ooargh, I’m going to be sick...


25th July 2281 – 11:09


Found a backpack in the local caves. It’s fairly old and weathered, but serviceable. Will come in very handy on the larger scavenging missions.


25th July 2281 – 13:03 PM


The breakfast was passable. Didn’t eat much of it. I swear what passes for the local sheriff made a pass at me while I had my breakfast. The local trader wouldn’t have any of my scrap, but I did manage to sell a crutch, a bonesaw, some empty syringes and some medical tubing. I continue to head south.


25th July 2281 – 14:25 PM


Zed was on the radio. He says he found a map that indicates there is (or was) a radio antennae somewhere near my position by the mountains. Will head to investigate.


25th July 2281 – 15: 44 PM


Can’t find it, they are far too many passes and crevices to properly see around here, all of them filled with all sorts of Gecko. Even though The Arbitrator is in need of repair, it still did the job well enough. Will continue to search for higher ground.


25th July 2281 – 16:26 PM


Finally found a decent spot with a view. I can see the radio tower.






I am going to rest for now, had to kill five geckos to get here. Sadly I couldn’t salvage the skins, The Arbitrator may be good at sorting them out but there isn’t much in the way of leftovers, at least not in a useful way. Shame, I could have made a small fortune on the pelts.


These are the scrap metal diaries.
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26th July 2281 – 06:26 PM






Finally found myself that damned radio tower. 'LoneWolf Radio' says the graffiti on the trailer. I suppose it is quite isolated up here. Used up all of my ammo just to get here with all the Gecko's running about, although I will make a small margin with the sensor modules and the batteries I was able to salvage. Luxury tonight, a roof over my head and Gecko steak for dinner!


26th July 2281 – 03:17 PM


Passed through Primm earlier today. Nothing worth trading, except maybe for a *fully functioning* Protectron styled as 'Primm Slimm' by the locals. I could have made a fortune hauling that thing back to Vegas! Do what I may I could not convince the town 'elder' John Nash to part with him. Not even when I offered him my most precious ass(et)


26th July 2281 – 08:51 PM






I should know better than to hike in the dark, but it does have it's advantages. If I am reading my compass correctly then the prospectors den should be just up ahead.


26th July 2281 – 10:03 PM


Made it. There are about four prospectors and a courier sharing the den. The courier is fast asleep in the dormitory while the other three are playing caravan in the kitchen. I might join them later, right now I just want to put my backpack down and take a breather.


26th July 2281 – 10:27 PM






Was about to get up to join my fellow prospectors in the kitchen when in walks the taller one of them and offers me a drink. He calls himself Ash and says he came because he lost the last round. You'r excuses are fine by me, I always did like the tall, muscular ones.


26th July 2281 – 11:22 PM






We're both hitting the bottle pretty hard. Ash seems pretty sure of himself, like he knows he's going to get something tonight. Tall, handsome, strong *and* confident? I may have hit the jackpot tonight.


26th July 2281 – 11:56 PM


Well, if he wasn't hard when I took the bottle of his hands, grabbed his crotch and told me to follow him to the store room, he sure was after this.






27th July 2281 – 00:09 AM


It really is my lucky day today. Well hung and he knows what to do with it!






I can't help but think what my feminist friends at the Followers Fort in Freeside would think of me if I told them how much I enjoyed being handled roughly by this brute of a man. The way he just thrusts that shaft of his between my legs with such purpose, such vigour.


27th July 2281 – 00:33 AM


What I love about wasteland fucks, especially among Prospectors, is that's its intense, short and impersonal. No sooner did he cum inside me did he pull out, put on his trousers, give me a thankful smile and left for the dormitory. I'm just as happy as he is not to have to make pillow talk, I'm just as exhausted and am happily going to hit the sack for a little nap.


27th July 2281 – 03:45 AM


Slept for longer than I would have liked. Ash is still asleep in his bunk, no sign of the courier. I suppose I should pack my stuff and head out, I will consider myself lucky if I get to Primm before eight in the morning. I can still hear the other two in the kitchen, how the hell are they still up?


27th July 2281 – 04:09 AM


It all happened so fast I don't even know where to start. I had just waved goodbye to the prospectors sitting in the kitchen and was reaching for the door handle on my way out when it flew open into my face knocking me against the wall.






In come these two thugs and just open fire in the kitchen, I didn't see what happened but immediately afterwards there was a large explosion of some sort, I never was able to tell if it was a grenade or what. Whatever it was stunned the two long enough for me to escape before they could realise what had happened. My head hurts so bad, I can feel bloody dripping out of my ear.


27th July 2281 – 04:30 AM


I'm not going to get very far like this. It's pitch black, I can't see a thing, I feel faint and dizzy, I hear ringing. I think I have concussion. I swear I can hear coyotes, it's hard to tell over all that incessant ringing. If I don't find some shelter soon to heal these wounds I am dead fore sure.


These are the scrap metal diaries.
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27th July 2281 – 03:15 PM


Woke up in some abandoned train yard of sorts. I don't remember coming here, or putting on my exposure clothing. I think I've lost a lot of blood, it's late in the day, my head hurts, and I'm hungry. Luckily food is something I am not running out of. I need to tend to these wounds.






27th July 2281 – 03:56 PM


I've figured out where I am, this must be the Emergency Service Rail-yard east of the Prospector's Den. It's amazing how much sharper your thinking is on a full stomach. This means I can heart north-east to Novac through the Primm pass. My hear hurts like hell but at least it's not bleeding anymore. I can barely hear anything though, I really need to get to a doctor. I hope Novac has a good one.


27th July 2281 – 04:32 PM


Note to self, don't ever keep on going if there's a dead ghoul on the path you intend to tread. They sure don't drop dead because of old age. There I was walking along when all of a sudden I see this figure sprinting towards me from the corner of my eye, a deathclaw! A big, ugly, FAST deathclaw! I don't know how I managed to get out alive. The weird thing was in my panic, I froze in place, and it just ran right beside me into a nearby cliff! I didn't stay but ran like hell towards the end of the canyon and fell down tumbling by the side of a shack. I don't ever remember trying to open a door with such urgency. I've also never heard *anyone* escaping a deathclaw, there must have been something wrong with it, injured or blind or something.


27th July 2281 – 08:08 PM


It may have taken me hours to get here, but I am finally in Novac. I've managed to make quite the profit trading in all the stuff I found in that shack. I can actually pay for my treatment with the local doctor, a certain Ada Strauss!


27th July 2281 – 09:20 PM


Well that was expensive but worth it. Apparently I have nothing wrong with my ears, I just have a bad case of concussion, the blood was not the result of a burst eardrum (as I feared) but rather a piece of shrapnel that had lodged itself just a few millimetres into my ear canal.


27th July 2281 – 09:47 PM


This is great, turns out all the rooms in the local hostel are taken. I'm going to have to look elsewhere or even sleep under the stars tonight.


27th July 2281 – 10:12 PM


Managed to find someplace to stay, the McBrides have been kind enough to offer me a bed in their home. They seem like nice people. Alice said I should go and have a shower while she prepares me some nice steak. I am so looking forward to that!


27th July 2281 – 10:23 PM


It's nice being in a house that has a working shower, or just flowing water for that matter. The're isn't a door to the bathroom though, and that Dusty McBride keeps passing by and giving me long glances. I wonder what his wife would have to say about that.


27th July 2281 – 10:59 PM


That was *the* nicest steak I have had in weeks, maybe even months. These people sure know how to season and cook their steaks. I'm off to bed, I want to see if I can get to the 188 Trading Post tomorrow.


28th July 2281 – 01:16 PM


I said goodbye to the McBrides and thanked them for their hospitality. After a few hours on the road, I finally got to the 188 Trading Post. Sat down to have a drink with this woman, well, more like girl called Veronica. She sure did ask a lot of questions. She seemed very inquisitive, innocent, almost naive. I wasn't really sure what she was getting at until I finally noticed the way she was looking at me and then it clicked. She's that kind of person. It didn't go anywhere though, she had to leave suddenly saying some friend sent her a message that she needed help in some crater by Black Mountain. I knew she was naive, there's no way she's coming out alive from there.


27th July 2281 – 03:30 PM


I've been hanging around this place for a few hours now. Chatted idly to some of the soldiers here, who seem to think it's only a matter of time before the Legion overruns this place too, as Camp Forlorn Hope and Nelson are the only things protecting us and even those seem poised to fall. Spoke to a boy who 'forecast' my future, saying it was dark and sad. I told him he needed help. I did hear something interesting though. Apparently someone around Vegas is putting together a salvage team for a particularly hazardous (and profitable) prospect. I've been told to head to the Crimson Caravan as the trader there has more information. So that's where I'm going.


These are the scrap metal diaries.
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27th July 2281 – 03:50 PM






Went off the beaten track for once and found this little abandoned shack. Thought there would be at least something of value, but other than some healing powder, there was nothing. I continue my journey to the Crimson Caravan. Might stop at the Grup and Gulp on the way.


27th July 2281 – 04:17 PM






OK so the smell of barbecued beef got the better of me. I'm not even that hungry, but a nice barbecue steak sandwich will go a long way. Hell, I'm no no hurry. I've been lucky these past few days, can't remember the last time I ate beef twice in the space of two days.


27th July 2281 – 04:33 PM






Made it to the Crimson Caravan. The guard outside says the man I need to speak to is called Blake, as he handles all the details regarding salvage operations. I'm going inside.


27th July 2281 – 04:40 PM






Found Blake. Rather than telling me outright the details of the salvage operation, he offers me a seat and proceeds to pour me some whisky from his own stock. I'm not naive enough to not know where this is going, but a free drink is a free drink.


27th July 2281 – 05:36 PM






The sun is setting and we've had a few shots. Other than wanting to get inside my pants, he also seems like a decent guy. He's had enough to be more suggestible, so this is where I made my move. He could have what he wanted, but I wanted something (well, a few things) in return. I demanded an assault rifle, ammo, and a radiation suit, all items scavengers dream of having and that I know he has in his stock.


27th July 2281 – 05:50 PM


After two more shots, and a few strokes of my hand in the right place, he's agreed to my terms, despite telling me he's paid less for whores. I was more taken aback by the apparent size of his package than by being compared to a prostitute. That I quite liked.


27th July 2281 – 06:15 PM


He's closing shop and told me to meet him naked behind some crates under the water tower. I get so wet when they tell me what to do like that!


27th July 2281 – 06:40 PM






When he got there I imagined he was just going to have me suck him off or just plough me senseless, especially when he told me to get on all fours. Rather, he spread my legs and gave my pussy a seeing to with his tongue... I was definitely not expecting that. I was so off guard I climaxed immediately the second he started fingering my ass while he was at it.


27th July 2281 – 07:02 PM






I must have came at least three times. He didn't go for my ass though, too bad. I was so wet and horny I would have let him have it.






Can't complain though, when he did get to ploughing me, I screamed so loud one of the water Brahmin's came to see what the fuss was about.


27th July 2281 – 09:15 PM






Feel much better, don't think I've had it like that in a while. Managed to find some accommodation at the nearby Clinic. Got some 'morning after' pills from the Doctor, a certain Usanagi. I'm going to sleep like a rock and head out tomorrow morning. Blake was good enough to tell me about the scavenging operation. Turns out some veteran in Westside is putting together a team for some big operation. Weird thing is, he has turned down at least twelve scavengers that have applied, citing lack of equipment or experience, even in the case of seasoned prospectors! Well, I have a radiation suit and a good gun, so let's hope that gets me through, I am broke again.


28th July 2281 – 06:24 AM


Well, after a fresh change of clothes and a shower, I'm off. First rule of salvaging, look inconspicuous. Second rule, carry a big gun!






This neat assault rifle just for a bit of sex and an orgasm or two? That's not a trade that's daylight robbery! Maybe I am a whore after all... in any case, I am making for Westside. I have a feeling I am going to hit it big!






These are the scrap metal diaries.
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28th July 2281 – 08:39 AM






I’ve decided to hearth north and then west by Freeside’s Northern entrance to get to Westside. No point in going around through McCarran and getting shot at by fiends while NCR watches from its lofty walls.


28th July 2281 – 10:04 AM






I reckon I must be half way there by now. Nothing here but rubble and burnt out houses. I get an eerie feeling here, I don’t like it. Continuing westwards.


28th July 2281 – 10:26 AM

I’ve only had this rifle for a few hours and I’m loving it already! Just look at the zoom on it? I can see trouble miles before it sees me!






Note to self. Next time I go to the Crimson Caravan again, I must thank Blake profusely. And repeatedly too.


28th July 2281 – 12:11 PM






Finally made it to Westside. There’s some sort of Arena down below in a sewer network, and the local guard swears I should place a few bets. Maybe later I told him, I’m parched for a drink, and I can’t wait to meet the guy organising the salvaging expedition. This one is going to be big!


28th July 2281 – 12:40 PM






Unsurprisingly my first port of call was the liquor store. Sadly there was no bar inside and their selection was quite limited. I suppose a beer will have to do for now. I’m nearly out of money. I’m going to see if there is anyone in town that wants to mingle.


28th July 2281 – 01:25 PM





Boy did I find what I was looking for. Judah Kreger, a man who can sling war stories back and forth with the best of them. I didn’t really care whether they were true or not, he told them well. Never told me what outfit he served with though, NCR I guess. Still, he did keep me entertained for an hour or so. Spent my last few caps buying the poor chap a beer.


28th July 2281 – 01:39 PM


OK, it’s time for me to sort out what I came here for. Judah was kind enough to tell me the man I am looking for is none other than Dermot! Dermot Lars! The Dermot Lars responsible for the RobCo haul of 2276! I thought he had retired... I don’t see how he could have possibly spent all that money he made. If his back in the field again, he must be onto something big! I don’t care how strict his selection process is, I will be in his team!


28th July 2281 – 01:55 PM


OK, this is it, time to meet the legend! Don’t blow this Amy!


28th July 2281 – 02:27 PM






Phew! That was gruelling! He wanted to know so many details! If I had decent experience with firearms, how many prospects I’d been on, if I was independent or part of a team, what I brought to the table. I guess I got the job when I mentioned my functioning hazard suit! I don’t even want to think what I would have done if I hadn’t brought it along! I guess swapping sex favours for equipment really is the way to go! I didn’t tell him that obviously. Dermot’s probably got more than I care to count, the old coot – couldn’t help noticing him eyeing me up while he ‘interviewed’ me either. Shame he hasn’t aged all that well.


28th July 2281 – 02:58 PM






After half an hour to get ready and prep our stuff, Dermot told me the odds. He’s apparently found some secret passage way in the tunnels below that he reckons leads to the RobCo factory near North Vegas. He says while the main entrance is far too heavily fortified by the bots, it could be worth the try to infiltrate the facility from beneath. An explosives and electronics expert called James is coming with us. God I’m so excited! This is the haul of a lifetime if we get in – just the sale of one intact RobCo model alone would allow me to live in comfort for the next ten years! Who knows what we’re going to find in there!


28th July 2281 – 03:24 PM





We’re down in the sewers now. I had no idea there was a whole community down here. How do they live in this shithole? It stinks down here.

28th July 2281 – 03:37 PM


OK, Dermot tells me his boys have already secured the passageway against rival prospectors, but that there seems to be a gas leak between us and his people. He doesn’t want any risks so he advised me to empty my gun, which I found strange. Still, it does make sense and he is a veteran – better safe than sorry! He did look at me weirdly though when I took my trusty Hatchet out – I told him you can never be too safe, but he just snorted and carried on walking. Whatever, we’re so close now! I can feel it!






These are the scrap metal diaries.


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28th July 2281 – ?




28-29th? July 2281 – ?


I... I.. I, can't ... get ... over ... what happened.


28-29th? July 2281 – ?


They... raped me.






It all happened... so fast. Dermot.. lunged at me, I kicked him... I was hit on the head... I had blood in my eye...






I remember one of my attackers screaming as I buried my hatched square into his clenched fist... he fell to the ground, but I was shoved, my backpack fell to the ground. I couldn't see, there was so much pain...










It was getting dark, too hard to see... I was against a wall, something hit me on the head again and everything went black...










And then... it happened. I woke up, and they were... all... over... me. All over me. I told them to stop, I screamed... I cried. I cried so much. But they wouldn't stop.






They wouldn't stop.






It went on for hours... and hours. They all had their way with me... all four of them! Oh God... they used me and beat me, every time I screamed they hit me... they were laughing... they laughed!






It only got worse... I was shaking in a corner, covered in cum, glad they were... done, glad that my torment was over. And then he told me. Dermot. He told me I was their... slave ... now. That I had to do what he told me. He put a collar on my neck. I struggled, and he just slapped me and threw me to the ground. He choked me till I lost consciousness. When I woke up, he told me I had to work for him now... to whore myself out down here! And that if I tried to escape, my head would blow off! I don't know what to do!


28-29th? July 2281 – ?


It's been hours now, maybe even a day. I've been avoiding anyone I come across down here. I'm so ashamed. I'm naked, I have nowhere to sleep. Im so so hungry. They took everything. I don't even know what time it is, I can't tell whether it's day or night down here! I feel so... helpless. I hurt so bad, what if those bastards get me pregnant? I can't think about this right now... I need to find some way of getting out of here. I'm now going to be some sewer slut for Dermot!






These are the scrap metal diaries.
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30th? July 2281 – ?


I'm so hungry. I've lost track of all time. My entire body aches, I'm so sore... everywhere. It hurts to walk. I need to find some place to ... rest.


30th? July 2281 – ?


I bump into people in the narrow corridors, I've been begging them for food, but they say they barely have any themselves. They won't help me! Why won't they help me! They seem so scared!


30th? July 2281 – ?


I think I've found a hiding spot. It's deep down in the tunnels, nobody seems to wander here anymore. There is a little room, with a manhole that can't be accessed. There is a door and everything. I'm sleeping here tonight, on top of this cardboard 'bed' I found rotting away. It's hot down here... balmy even.






? July 2281 – ?


Cried myself to sleep again. I can't believe what's happening to me. How could he... Dermot ... do that? They raped me, over... and over.. and over. They beat me and forced themselves into me... my pussy is so tender right now, and my ass is sore... I hope I didn't get anything from them!


He found me! That bastard Dermot found me! He just came in when I was asleep and said he was here to collect, I told him I wasn't going to be his whore, and had nothing to give me, so he just hit me and kicked me about. And then he raped me again! He pinned me down and forced himself into me! I was so weak I couldn't stop him!






He called me a slut and a whore and said if I didn't go what he said, he would either kill me or I would die of hunger.


I was dragged all the way to one of the living areas, and told to service anyone who came to me. He told me to 'sit there and look pretty, and open your legs when asked'. He then told everyone there I was his new whore, and that anyone who wanted me had to pay. Before he left, he told me that if he found me anywhere else, he would kill me!






? July 2281 – ?


It's been hours now. My stomach is in so much pain, I desperately need to eat something. The water here is irradiated byt keeps me from dying of thirst. I can't concentrate, it's been days since I've eaten. All I can think of is food, I can't think, I can't plot how to get out of here!


? July 2281 – ?


Customers keep approaching me but I tell them to go away. They say they will tell Dermot but I will probably die of hunger anyways.


? July 2281 – ?


I collapsed a while ago. When I woke up I was in my 'bed'. I'm going to die down here.


? July 2281 – ?


I can't take it anymore. I've tried being strong. It's unbearable. A scruffy young man came up to me. He said he didn't have caps, but that he had a tin of pork and beans and some stale bread. I did what I had to do.






These are the scrap metal diaries.
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? July 2281 – ?


It was a small price to pay for a meal. The pork was off and the beans had fermented, but it was edible. If only cum wasn't so god-damn awful, I might start trading blowjobs for food.






? July 2281 – ?


Well, as soon as someone saw me servicing one person, it's as if a sign went up saying I was available! I did what I had to do because I was hungry, not because I am a whore! The people here seem like heartless morons, nobody seems to care I've been forced into sexual slavery!


? July 2281 – ?


Had a 'client' approach me today offering a bottle of vodka, a few caps and a hunk of meat. Normally, I would have told him to fuck off like I have everybody else, but I think the alcohol could really help. The meat will feed me for at least one more day too!






What am I becoming.. how low you have sank Amy... prostituting yourself for a bottle of vodka and food... you don't even like vodka!


? July 2281 – ?


The alcohol isn't helping. I've drank almost half a bottle and it's not numbing my pain, it's making me even more depressed... oh God, how did this ever happen? How will I get out of here?


? July 2281 – ?


Is that... Dermot again, has it been a full day already?


I don't know what this sick bastard's game is. First he rapes me and makes me his sex slave, only this time, instead of the usual beating and rape, he's touching me up and trying to get me wet? I wish he would get his hands off me!






I can't hide the fact I am a little drunk, he's so close to me he can probably smell the alcohol in my breath. Oh Amy, why did you have to drink? I can feel myself moistening to him, I can't let him know I'm getting turned on by this!






That rapist bastard has changed his game this for sure. Now he molests me first, then collects. He took what was left of my bottle, told me I had had enough. He also took the fifteen caps I made, but thankfully he left the meat. He said I needed to up my game. I told him I had already serviced a client today, and he laughed and spat in my face and told me that's what stupid bitches deserve for being so dumb.


? July 2281 – ?


I've been wandering the sewers down here, looking for anyone that could help me, or that just cares. I've no luck so far, this place is massive, there must be more than one hundred people down here! The moment they see the collar around my neck they either laugh, proposition me or just pretend I am not there!


? July 2281 – ?


I finally found a kind soul down in this hell. This old woman by the name of Ruth. A poor thing she called me. She said I wasn't the first Dermot had enslaved down here. The other girl disappeared a few months back. She told me Dermot has people down here, informers, people that he pays to keep an eye on his whores and that also push dope to the degenerates that live here. No wonder nobody wants to help me!






She says she can give me a little food, something to read to pass the time, water and some clothing I can wear between customers. I wish she wouldn't say that word. They're rapists, every one of them! I don't know why she is helping me. Isn't she afraid too? Maybe she's too old and doesn't care.


? July 2281 – ?






I'm not complaining though. I've got my own little spot now, with food and water, at least for the time being. What I don't have is money. Or a gun. Or ammo. Or a knife. I need to play my way out of here. I don't know where to start though. I also need to find a doctor, I'm going to need some form of contraception if things keep up like this. I'm going to have to cut this short, I think I see a 'customer' coming my way.






These are the scrap metal diaries.
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? July 2281 – ?


Oh God could it possibly get worse than this? Some of these deadbeats don't even have two caps to scrape together, so I'm having to take scrap metal and sensor modules!






The irony, me a prospector, taking sensor modules! I can't deny they have a certain worth, hell I know, at least twenty caps or more, but scrap metal! Scrap metal ain't worth a dime!






This is so humiliating... I'm walking around down here giving blowjobs and taking it up my ass scrap! It surely can't get worse than this...


? July 2281 – ?


I've officially lost track of time... I think it's been a week, maybe more? I can't tell whether it's light or day either... my days have consisted of spreading my legs for food, caps and any other valuables. I'm in so much pain. Half my customers today demanded anal, I charge more for that, but I can't refuse them. It hurts so bad. I found a jet dealer here... guess what he charges for his merchandise?






It was worth it for a few hits of Jet... it's the only moments I've been looking forward to these days... I think I may be becoming addicted. I can't tell, my head is too fuzzy right now... I need to get some sleep.


Dermott came again tonight... I don't know how he does it, but he always picks moments when I am under the influence of something... I was too tired and doped up to resist him, I hold him my 'earnings' where by the small drawer and tried to get back to sleep.






Off course he would play his sick game with me. Again. He just spread my legs and took me from behind this time. I didn't stop him. He even put my arm around his head and tried to get me to kiss him. I was so high I didn't refuse him. I think he can tell I get wet when he fucks me. He came inside again, just like the time he and his goonies... raped me.


I woke up with cum oozing out of my pussy. I need to do something about this. I can't afford to get pregnant down here. My head hurts, I think I am suffering withdrawal. Everything is going so slow... it hurts to concentrate. It hurts to think about what I've become... I'm scum now... I'm just some sewer slut... I need to do something.


? July 2281 – ?


Found a doctor, a ghoul at that. He took care of me, I got a few injections of Rad-X and he said he couldn't be sure if I was pregnant or not, but he gave me a vial to take just in case. I took it. Then he demanded payment.






It came as no surprise he wanted sex. In ordinary circumstances I would have suggested a blowjob, but his skin is so disgusting I wanted it nowhere near my mouth or face. 'Lucky' me he just fucked me from behind. Oh Amy... how have you left yourself become this debased?


? July 2281 – ?


So here I am... by the fire again, in unknown company, staring at the flickering of the fire. High again. It's the only way to live down here. I know it won't be long before someone comes along and solicits me... and in this state, I won't care. Jet always did get me horny.






These are the scrap metal diaries.
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