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Modded Eyes Are Wonky..


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I recently got a new PC and decided what the hell, I'm just going to remod Skyrim. Unfortunately as soon as I get into game to create a character.. I have an issue with the female eyes. The mod I'm using is ENSE (Eye Colours with New Style Eyelashes 1024x1024) which I carried over from my old PC as it has disappeared from the face of Skyrim mods. The best way to describe the problem is just.. not having the eye mesh? I guess? I did a manual for it as well as an NMM attempt (proper folders in place). This only happens to the female characters and not the males.


It was working properly on my old computer only I have no idea what I did to fix it, if it ever happened. ><;


Male Pefectly Fine Version







Female Wonky Eyed Version







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