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Compatibility Tree with OCD


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Or CDO to make sure the letters are in proper order.

Semi-just kidding, but I remember going through this forum before my computer died, I'd put together semi-descent list, and I'm about to start over again, but figured I'd do the right thing and see if I'm about to re-invent a perfectly good wheel that I just kept overlooking.  (But something like that I'd expect to be in the stickies and I don't think I saw one)


Has anyone actually put together a tree of the current mods, their dependencies withing Lover's Lab, their root dependencies (BBB and so on), compatibility conflicts, and load order compatibility conflicts?


Basically 'If I get [A] I will be locked out of ' map?


I know most of the actual mods list that, and digging deeper into user comments I've found more details.. so if I have to I'll get started on this and post what I get for everyone (and so people can correct and update it).  I'm guessing with so much data it would likely take me a few weeks just to map out Lover's Lab, while ignoring the nexus page altogether.  So, worthwhile?  Already done?  Thoughts?

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