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I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were about the Dr.Spock type elf ears for the Dark, High, and Wood elves in skyrim. I was also wondering how possible and or complicated it would be to take those spock ears and morph or stretch then in to a more anime elf type length?

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Though I've yet to play Skyrim, a quick Google search helped me see what you mean by "Spock" ears. Honestly, I think they're great. They have a sense of "realism", whatever that means lol. It's like the ears of elves from Middle Earth, you know? But, yeah, it would be nice to see more anime-like ears, like the lop-ears from MBP++. Achieving this probably means creating an entirely new mod using some 3D modeling program.

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Surely it's possible! The ears are attached to the head, and Skyrim is just begging for a high res head! :) Also, the Khajiit already have earrings, so those could be moved to the other races, am I right? Arrr...a pirate Redguard..(haven't rolled a Redguard yet, so they may have em for all I know)

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