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Caliente CBBE only for player, not NPCs?


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Are body mods such as Caliente CBBE only available for the player characters? I've been digging around both here and at the Nexus, and I can't find out whether CBBE can be used with NPCs or not. In particular, I'm looking to tweak Lydia's body for now. I figured out how to get some in game Forsworn leather on her, but none of the modded varieties (such as those without the feathers).

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Kholt....wrong forum section :(

Should be under skyrim adult mods


As to your question: the body mod currently changes PC (if female) and ALL other female NPC's in the game. This is the way it will remain until the Creation Kit comes out in January from Beth that will allow possible setbody mods.

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