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Problem with NifSkope


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I recently downloaded nifskope. Ive encountered a problem that when i right click a mesh, nifskope just crashes for no apparent reason. My computer isnt bad and if it can run games, then im sure its got the requirements for the program. I have tried redownloading it but the problem still occurs. What is the problem and how do i fix it?




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My girlfriend's PC has a lot of nifskope crashing. She runs Vista and is on an ATI card, two main differences with my pc I can think of. Mine works fine. Hers will crash if she has nodes displayed and she clicks anywhere in the preview window. Solution: keep nodes hidden as much as possible, only make it render them when you need to see them, and don't try to click in the preview box when they are being rendered. Not sure if yours is the same problem, but if it is, that's the best solution I've figured out so far.

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NifSkope uses OpenGL, NOT DirectX for graphics.

Many new graphics cards/computers come with hopeless OpenGL drivers (or even none at all).


See if updated OpenGL drivers are available for you graphics card. Install them and see if that helps. Don't be confused by DirectX drivers, which you'll be offered by default. 'OpenGL' is the search term you want to use. You may have to hunt around for them.

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