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Dread Zombie kill causes CTD


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Ok, I've looked for the answer to this one several times, but can't find it. Almost anytime I kill a dread zombie by normal means, the game instantly crashes to desktop. I suppose it has something to do with the havok taking over, missing limbs, a skeleton problem or something like that, because if I use the console to kill them, they slump to the floor without issue but I hate having to cheat in that way. Anyone know a fix?



Just confirmed it while playing gates to aesgaard 2. There were 2 dread zombies attacking me. One was missing an arm. I used the console to kill it, no problems. Then I kill the second one with my sword. It was a complete one, no missing limbs. No issue. I then went back to the one with the missing arm, resurrected it and killed it with my sword, CTD.

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00  Oblivion.esm
01  GTAesgaard_2.esm
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**  Beautiful_Women_DB_Addon.esp
**  Beautiful_Women_SI.esp
**  Beautiful_Women_Vampires.esp
**  Beautiful_Women_Vampires_50.esp
**  Beautiful_Women_NotSoNice_Bonus.esp
**  Handsome_Gents_Addon.esp
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**  Handsome_Gents_Vampires_50.esp
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**  Beautiful_Women_SI Vwalk UOS.esp
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**  Beautiful_Women_Vampires_50 Vwalk UOS.esp
**  Beautiful_Women_NotSoNice_Bonus Vwalk UOS.esp
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C2  Bashed Patch, 0.esp
C3  All armor and SE armor playable.esp
C4  LoversMB2.esp
C5  LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp
C6  LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp



I can't remember installing anything that messes with physics or ragdolls. Also hardly anything that touches vanilla creatures, no big overhauls or anything. I checked the "no left arm" and "no right arm" boxes on the zombies and they were all correct. Running out of ideas. Maybe it has to do with the shader, since it only seems to happen with dread zombies. But then I don't know why some do die correctly and others don't.

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I have seen this and aren't too sure what causes it. I do think I know what mitigates it though. Try this:-


As soon as you enter a cell that contains them, save your game. (Normal save recommended). Then load from that save. You can even save and load on sight of such a zombie if you forget. Note that having a crash and then loading from a save and killing the same zombie that caused the crash will often be fine. It seems to be entering the cell that produces the issue. Loading into the cell will be fine.


One day, I'll dig into what is actually happening, but since I worked out how to get round the issue, haven't had the time.

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i have never seen this or heard anything about this before. Since your not using lovers creatures.


what is this mod ??

B5 CM HTB Creatures.esp


What does it add ?? Also since your using bashatch did you use any options about ragdolls if so try disabling it. rebash again.


in don't see anything wrong with your load order. So it got to be something else causing it.


If it is a shader problem try deleting oblivion.ini in your my games\oblivion directory and let it reinitialize your videodrivers.


And see if that solves it.

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Thanks for the replies.


I'll try the save/load solution and see if that works. Although I try to keep the loading to a minimum, as I'm trying to cut down on my caffeine consumption, if you get what I mean ;)


CM HTB Creatures is just my merged plugin that contains all CM partners of the creature variant (no zombies in there). All of those HTB esps are my own edits/merges/creations.


I don't see any ragdolls options under bashed patch. Must admit I haven't looked at updating bash for a while, using version 291.


Also, I'd rather not delete the ini. I can't for the life of me remember what kind of tweaks I made to it, as well as mods that add their stuff to it. Although I can just keep a backup and see if it helps at all.

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If you delete the ini or rename it and let oblivion create a new one, and that solves it, then you at least know that some changes you made to it has caused the ctd..


if it is the ini causing it i doubt anyone one here will be able to help anyways.

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You might take a look at GTA2 as there is something that tickles a memory of a dread bug that was discovered in that mod.


Unfortunately this maybe a wild goose chase as it was quite some time ago that I played through and uninstalled GTA2.


Was it in a certain location that you encounter the dread zombie and crash or is it anywhere you encounter them?



I noticed you are also running COBL....I never could get that damn thing to work right and play nice with all the other mods I ran no matter how much editing in the CS and TES4edit I did!!! :( Hats off to you for that anyway as there are some nice features that it adds.

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It's not any specific one, I've had it before on mages guild quests and in random dungeons. On my girlfriend's pc it's the same thing (also pretty much the same mod list).


Never had any problems getting COBL to run, I've had it for ages. Not using too many of its features though. None of the eat/sleep/exhaustion etc. I got it at some point because a house mod needed it, can't remember which. I liked the cosmetics resource and the TNR, although that was a pain in the ass to keep working when I installed MBP recently. Hope it's not a part of the problem, because over time it's become a requirement for many of the mods I made/edited.


The only big bug I found in gta2 so far was that it really had to load first. By the time I got around to playing it I had forgotten that part and switched load orders several times. Result was a lot of missing landscape. Am halfway through it now, and my intelligence has been damaged down to 0 (annoying enchantments on enemy weapons) but apart from that it seems ok.

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One more interesting point. Apparently it only happens when I deliver the killing blow myself. Last night I found another dread zombie in Nerastarel's house in skingrad. I tried the save/load trick, but crashed upon killing it once again. Then I decided to go back through the teleporter (brotherhood renewed) to the imperial DB sanctuary. I gave it a few good hits and then let the dark guardians finish it off. After a seemingly endless battle, the dread zombie died, taking one of the guardians with it. No crash. Apparently NPC's/creatures can kill them with no problems.

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I wonder if it has something to do with a disease mechanic. As you you know they tend to give out disease as they battle you.


Couple of experiments you could try are using a cheat arrow to sneak kill one from a good distance away with it unaware of you and see if that triggers a crash or use a custom cheat spell to sneak kill them.


I found a post that said he was experiencing crashes fighting dreads but was able to get rid of them by cheat raising his magic - I wonder if he meant intelligence - which you said had been damaged down to zero......perhaps that also could be a factor as a neg number (as they fight you) could be doing something.


Likely none of the above.....but maybe it will spark something for you or someone else reading this.

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