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3dsMax 2014 .nif plugin?


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Vioxsis is right, there's no 2014 nif plugin for 3ds Max even though it's being requested on a regular basis - maybe that's where you heard it from.

Nif files are a game-engine specific format, so I doubt you'll find a collection of ready-to-go Skyrim nif files out there except for other Skyrim mods that make their own assets available to the public (i.e. modder's resources) and not all of them always bother with collisions since they can be a hassle to create. Obviously it helps if you know what you're looking for.

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Guest Mogie56

From personal experience 2011 works best for me, although the niftools work in 2012, 2011 has the support for animation conversion from Oblivion to skyrim with havok support, 2012 is iffy. I've heard 2012 will work but if it ain't broke don't mess with it. :)

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I understand guys,thanks for the help.My point is that I'm looking for many modders resources to a project (can be seen somewhere around here,a thread named large-scale modding or something),things such as laptops,cellphones,mailboxes,cars...pretty much anything that would do a great non lore-friendly mod ^^

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