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Adjusting position


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I've just started using LoversPK' date=' and things don't quite 'line up' correctly (possibly because I'm using a custom race?). Is it possible to move my character model around during the animations so things do line up?



I think its 1;2 =up;down 3;4 = forward;backward for NPC

and 9;0 is up;down for PC

Not the NumPad Numberkeys, the normal Numberkeys


And no, its got nothing do do with custom races, its just the adjustment is not always perfect (got something to do with the animations-ini-files, I believe)


Sorry for my poor english, and everyone please feel free to correct me if I´m wrong

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Mich, your mostly correct :)

1-4 are the attacker (whether it is the pc or npc)

9-0 are the defender


and yes it is the number keys above your keyboard only.


The alignment is setup for the base race size so if your pc or the npc is a custom race that is shorter or taller then it won't line up correctly and you'll have to adjust it. Note: Lovers will save this adjustment automatically.

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I thought it was. I guess we must have missed this question when making the FAQ. But a simple search button would also have gotten an answer since it was pretty common question who get's asked a lot. also answered allot.. :P

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You will have to wait till Ashal fixes the lovers with pk.esp from rev 91 to 93 or higher. They made big changes in this regard, and it also fixes the speed so now you can quickly change positions on the fly.


Shift don't work speed. it was only to change the animations style. to cycle forward or backward.

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Shift plus the numbers makes the characters slide up' date=' down, etc. faster. 1,2,3,4,9,0 fine tune the npc/pc location during animations. The "C" key pauses the action for Extender allowing u infinite time to adjust positions."F" key lets u change postions mid act. Shift and "E" progresses the animations n reverse. "E" moves them forward in the progression. "Z" moves the animation to its next stage/speed. Shift and "Z" reverses/slows down the animation.


With default control settings.



Interesting! I didn't know that thanks!

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