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A friend messaged me via steam chat yesterday to tell me to take a look at this


I love the nightingale set, but sadly if your using the original ThorPac body the nipples will be just high enough to stick out the top of the bra.


I didn't take any screens of the armor yet in my game... well not any that are truly showing off the armor anyways. I'll edit after I screeny a good shot.


Edit to add some screens of the mod.







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Thought it might be good to have a thread dedicated to armour/clothing we like. For example' date=' saw this earlier:




Please add any other nice looking apparel you find :heart:





I have to say Wolf Armor is my favorite armor in the game, and this mod is beautiful! I'm glad they chose wolf armor for it.

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Hi, first post here.


I really like this armor, but i can't use it because it is iron and my character wears ebony, so I would be gimped. :( It still looks fantastic though!


Edit: Download link is in the youtube desciption, but I'll c/p it here for ease of access:


Click for YouTube Link [/url])']ironmaiden by tkwleemod


type "help ironmaiden 0" to see what code in your game.

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I found this yesterday, tested it and thought I'd share. It replaces the Jester costume and I think it's adorable.







This next one replaces the wedding dress instead of the Archmage robe (so it's triss friendly XD)









I know they are both Nexus but I haven't found them anywhere else. If I get some time I might bundle them up. Have fun!


I'll post more if I find them!


And if ANYone finds a fine clothes (including raiments, elaborate or anything "fancy",) replacement, please share them! I throw up a little in my mouth whenever I see the noble women of Skyrim!


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Fairly good WIP you may sample quite a few choices now, and keep an eye on it, as it's been growing quickly as of late. It's for CBBEv2

http://www.skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3654 here are some shots of the Ebony I took recently. The boots are from another mod http://www.skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4559




p.s. most of the work is meshes only, leaving some choice for various textures you find.


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^I'm very fond of killerkeo's stuff, been using it with ugly kid's stuff for a while now (plus a few extras here and there). Particularly commendable is the speed with which he updates, generally every day or so.

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@toastyblake thank you for ur find, but how do u download 'em? i only get a blue'ish page with some chinese chars, and it keeps on loading, aswell in FF or IE:)


Edit: i've managed with some translators to work around everything

Im european so dont understand anything i saw there


i wanna help other people (like me) so i have re-uploaded the files i have managed to download. credits to

the original creators & poster here -> http://bbs.3dmgame.com/thread-2680374-1-1.html








and toastyblake for his find


this file contains:










(all are non-replacers with ESP files included)


link -> http://www.mediafire.com/?wp4q3gkxr5s584x


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Thank you mentalmike23 !!

Thanks for the upload (even though I must confess to being interested mostly in the nekomimi wig, lol). I've usually been able to muddle through Japanese sites for non-Nexus mods, but these Korean and Chinese ones have bee defeating me thus far.

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You're very welcome :)

as for the wig, one of those mods (the samurai plate) contain a craftable short hair ears 'wig'


u can use that or maybe with a coolsims hair style combination you get as close as you can, without waiting for the creation kit, haven't seen any modding about the real nekomimi thus far though

I must say, them asian modders are really doing a great job, i wish i knew their language :D

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