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Request Claymore anime Armour & Sword


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I am looking to make a second character and would like roll a Claymore from the anime/manga series. A few people made some Claymore armour and weapon mods for oblivion all of which I haven't been able to convert. Now I know new armours can not truly be built without the Creation Kit but I have seen a few armours being mixed together. I think that the Claymore armour could be achived by using the nightingale armour as a base and adding some shoulder, hands, boots and waist pieces from other armours. Cutting off the Nightengale cape to ass level would also be needed. Here is an idea of the armour.








I personally would appreciate anyone willing to give making the armour and weapon a try and I am sure it would pose a good challenge to any mod makers out there:P



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Heya Mike. It's not impossible to get new armors in-game or import armors from Oblivion without the CK. The CK is only needed to give the items their own values and put them into the game WITHOUT replacing another item.


There's a member of LL who plans on converting some of the Oblivion armors into Skyrim closer to the CKs release. If you're lucky, he may convert the Claymore set too. :D

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That Cloud Strife sword does look pretty awesome, I wonder how it animates in game?

Anyway, thanks slacore I hope someone does convert them. I got someone to try who had converted other weapons from oblivion and they said they couldn't do the Claymore sword for some reason. As for the armour I don't know if a straight port would look right and/or would need a lot of work to make look good in Skyrim.

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It would need a bit of tweaking. The bodies are a tad bit different.

Someone converted the Eisen Platte armor, it's good quality, but the neck and arms are a little elongated.


People are also converting weapons from Oblivion to Skyrim as well. The animations worked fine although there's some problems with blood textures looking a little wonky on the swords.


Don't worry Mike, I'm sure someone will convert the set.

(this is one of my favorites too so I'm right there with you :D)



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Slacore' date=' that is not true. You can do that stuff using tessnip from fallout mod manager.


Mike, read this guide to do it yourself, it is VERY simple.



I tried to follow the guide with the Claymore sword mod from Oblivion but no dice:( I had someone else try it before and they also had problems, looks like files are missing for it in nifSkope, but I dunno. I'll just have to wait.


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Just testing the retexturing waters in Skyrim here. Had to resort to an uncompressed for the normal map for it to look good. 10MB for a sword is a bit excessive though so might trim this down.



first of all thanks for taking the time to convert this jimhsu:D

I think the hilt grip looks fine but the excessive white in the pommel and guard would need to be changed to look more silver. Also the steel of the actually blade just doesn't look right when compared to the rest of the blades.


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I have to agree with you that the armour is not quite live to our expectations but no, there's no such thing available at the moment. To get the exact look of the armours and weapons in the Claymore Series is a bit difficult I'd say. One have to master the art of 3D modelling and giving texture or look to it. However, not many posses both of skills to do so and it's much more hassle to do things from ground to up and have no passion for it. So, in order to simplify the matters, they rip it off from other source; video game. And I take it Claymore does not have any 3D game, yes? -_-


The armour from Oblivion is much better, but lack any modders who willing to port it into Skyrim. I'm just a beginner in this modding... thingy.  :P I just learn how to adapt Skyrim armour into body replacer that I like and the end result wasn't that spectacular. So porting from another game is yet another new experience for me that I willing to learn but lack the necessary time and passion to do it, for now.  -_-


Try asking XiNAVRO, if he willing to port back his old work into Skyrim, but he does not take any request; perhaps you fare better than others if you try to appeal to him?  :) http://www.loverslab.com/topic/7288-xinavros-conversions-for-skyrim/

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