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How to disable HUD?

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Hi guys, I've been using Lovers PK mods and they are pretty awesome, although what concerns me is having "Sex Power" of some kind HUD at bottom of screen. I tend to take screenshots of games in SFW way, and I'd rather not raise concerns about what bottom HUD is from others.


Is there way to hide it, only bring it out if I need it? If it matters what mods I'm using, I'm using the following: 7_Lovers_with_PK_Base_Package_rev91



And LoversBed, Lovers Beat Em Up

(sorry for underdashes, I just copied names from .rar files on download list)


Sorry if this is in wrong board, or it has been covered in-game or somewhere, I googled but nothing turned up nor could find anything in Readme notepads.


Any advice would be useful :)



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That seems to disable all of HUD, when I meant Lovers PK' own HUD thing I'd like to disable, but that's good if I want to take natural screenshots such as landscape, so thanks - didn't know such command exists :)


I might just disable mod when playing naturally (I don't tend to use lovers mod that much as I just use it for quick laughs)

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There is a mod like this for Fallout:NV where it makes the stat-bars invisible until you get damage to that particular stat-bar, then it fades it in. Fades it back into invisibility if that stat isn't modified within a certain timeframe.


I can't remember what it is called though...I know it goes along with one of the MAJOR UI mods as an add-on...

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