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Does anyone know how to make this for CBBE and Bodyslide?

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I was looking through outfit mods and found this.

I would ask on the mod's page, but it looks like the author hasn't been on for months. Also, the mod hasn't been updated since its upload, so I doubt they'll be making this for CBBE and also Bodyslide compatible. Would anyone be able to do that?

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Vor 17 Stunden sagte CrowOfItachi:

Ich habe mir Outfit-Mods angesehen und das hier gefunden.

Ich würde auf der Mod-Seite nachfragen, aber es sieht so aus, als wäre der Autor seit Monaten nicht mehr dabei. Außerdem wurde der Mod seit dem Hochladen nicht aktualisiert, daher bezweifle ich, dass er für CBBE und auch für Bodyslide kompatibel sein wird. Würde das jemand schaffen?


The cause is the bodies for Fallout 4 -> cbbe ... so if you work with the original setting (cbbe) - the "thing" fits

Which is probably not in the file scope -> Bodyslide files - so that you can adapt it to your own Cbbe body version.

Since I have long since switched to fusion-girl - because of the sex framework - I would need an FG conversion myself

It could be that I once saw something like that on Nexus and downloaded it from there years ago... but I can't find anything about it in my "marked" files.

I came across this when I was looking through it - you might be interested in this:




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