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  1. Do you have any pregnancy mods enabled? Maybe they have a size limit active that interferes with Milk Mod Economy's size limit. ( I use hentai pregnancy so I disable that mods breast scaling.) Also have you tried this mod by the user "wm46" ? It's in post 781 of this topic For testing purposed, You could fill out the values for lactacid, use the console or "add item menu" to add some to your inventory, then feed them to your character to make sure her breasts grow each time.
  2. Okay, I think my shuffle settings are being ignored. Could be user error on my end. So I've got it set up like this, but it only feeds me the choice I have at the very top in the "drug" category. (also I been advancing time by 1 hour to test things, not sure if that could mess up scripts or not.)
  3. There's a nexus mod that lets you do this. I've used it to give lactacid potions to flame atronachs and werewolves, which turned them into milkmaids (complete with growing breasts and all the milkmaid functions.) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/24127 You should be able to force an npc to use the Cursed Lactacid potion and see what happens. So I'm using Ms vavavoom playable race by Booceefus Ms. Vavavooommm Playable Race - Races - LoversLab This is her racial passive, but I edited the conditions so that it applies to all the females in my game Drinking stamina potions provides Buxom Fortification effect which increases max health and enlarges the breasts for a limited time. Depending on the potency of the potion will determine how long the effect lasts. Eating sweetrolls provides Buxom Fortification effect which increases max health and enlarges the butt for a limited time. Would it be possible to add stamina potions and sweetrolls to the list of consumables? The effects normally trigger on any of the vanilla stamina potions that fall under the "restore X points of stamina" category Potions (Skyrim) | Elder Scrolls | Fandom and the vanilla sweetrolls so you wouldn't have to look up any special id's or anything. Or maybe there's a way for me to add the functionality from my end? Its sort of a niche thing for people who have that race installed.
  4. There could be another mod that modifies the characters breasts and its messing with your settings ( a mod that introduces character pregnancy for example.) Do you have SexLab inflation framework installed? That usually helps when multiple mods want to scale the same body parts. Also theres something called "milkmod bodymorph" that lets you choose which sliders get triggered whenever Milk Mod economy tries to enlarge a characters breasts You choose the sliders by adding the bodyslide names to the mcm, such as "breastsnewsh" or "doubleMelon" and then choose values for each. Now each time Milk Mod Economy makes the breasts grow, they will only grow in the ways and amount that you specified, such as "20% more doublemelon. 30% more Breastsnewsh" Though when the breasts reach a certain size, the milk will overflow and then they'll shrink a bit so you might have to raise your milkmaid levels a bit so you can hold more milk and reach bigger sizes.
  5. I had trouble finding the dialogue that lets you feed breast enlarge potions to followers. I came across this mod though so now I can force npcs to drink them ( or any other food or potion) easily. "Administer Potions and Poisons to Friendly NPCs" You'll have to go into x edit and add food items to the form list so that the option comes up though. ( takes about 12 seconds to do.) Also discovered that things like hagravens, trolls, spriggans, werewolves and fire atronachs can become milkmaids too. (breast growth and lactation also seem to work fine.)
  6. Ah would you happen to know the setstage command to restart the pet quest? It seems that dialogue option dissapeared after making one pet. (also my only pet became a cow and lost all her special pet dialoge options) I tried making followers into pet cows but "pets" and "pet cows" seem to speak/act differently so I assume that they're different factions. edit: Ah I found out a way. So apparently theres a console command to add NPC's (or yourself) to a faction and it works like this So opened up the console and typed help "pet" and then scrolled up to find FACT: (CD00182d) 'AML Pet Cow' So I targeted the npc, opened the console and typed addtofaction cd00182d 0 And now they're back in the pet faction. Or pet cow? Honestly the terminology has a lot of overlap and I wish more distinguished words had been used, like ones a "pet" and the other is a "darling" or something haha!
  7. This is an addon for the mod "player succubus quest." Have you installed that mod? Also are you using a mod manager?
  8. I don't remember where I first downloaded this but I'll leave it here just in case anyone needs it. Seems to be a korean replacer for Alicia painslut, LE I think, also UNP textures. I'm not sure which verison number its for, but one of the Alicia's is called "Ali." AliciaPainslutSLcore38 한글_RETEXTURE.7z
  9. Those werewolves look sort of like what happens when an "armor addon" entry is trying to cover a bodypart it doesn't have textures for (or told not to cover a body part that it has textures for, one of those.) I sometimes get that when converting armor from LE to skyrim SE. My wrists and calves will be 100% invisible like your werewolf heads and so I gotta go into the "armor addon" in creation kit and activate the inviisble body parts so that they show up in game.
  10. Bodyslide probably created "bac_mech_0" and "bac_mech_1" files. After bodysliding the mech, you have to go into creation kit, find the armor addon for the mech and then have it point to your bodyslide nifs. ( the default mech nif doesn't have a number next to it) It will be in meshes >bac > extra > bac_mech.nif. (I used NPC visual transfer to change the look of Paul but everything still works the same)
  11. Hey, Is there a way to increase the amount of milk you lose when using the milker that comes with this mod? Seems to only take one point at a time.
  12. You could use "bae extractor" to unpack the BSA file and see if there's a body inside the meshes folder for the mod. Use that body as the target for bodyslide and things should work fine. Or you could try using a mod that's already done that part for you https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/35381?tab=files
  13. If the shark race came with a custom unp body in its file structure, a CBBE user could simply use outfit studio to fit a cbbe reference underneath the shark body and then mask the cbbe body. (outfit studio even has "cbbe to unp" conversion references made just for this) That's how I usually get UNP things to work for my CBBE based game.
  14. The idle balls of magical energy when you have something like "flames" or "healing hands" equipped. Is there a way to get them to appear in the hands, or are they forced to be attatched to the breast bones? And is there a configuration file somewhere that lets us edit the "milking conversion" rate? Also I was able to create a "Dairy Atronach" that uses "Lactose Lance" instead of flames. It costs milk and magicka to cast and also raises conjuration experience. I'll have to figure out how to make a milk-related fireball spell it can use to replace the normal fireball. (maybe I can retexture fireball somehow and add a new sound efect?)
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