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Oblivion crashes at starting game when creatures in installed

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Dear Forum Dwellers


After playing sexout, and enjoying it a lot, i've decided to give lovers with pk a go. However, right now i am stuck with installing the game.


I ve been following the steps of this sticky



and managed to get the game working to the point where i have to start adding lovers with pk mods. At this point, things seem to go awry.


Adding the LAPF and its supplementary plugins give no problems. But as soon as i add the creatures mod, oblivion will not start a new game. instead, it will just crash right after the intro screne with the emperor. I have read the recommended plugin order, and followed it. Yet still does the game crash at starting a new game.


If anyone has any suggestions, i would be very gratefull!


This is the currently used plugin order

Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm
Lovers with PK.esm
Lovers with PK.esp
The rest of the beautifull people mod, wrye bashed together with other animation mods like pumping and walking
Bashed patch,0.esp

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i would swear i did use that framework. I ll download it again and try again. Thanks for the suggestion!


I downloaded the 1.4 version, but it still contains the lovers with pk esp and esm. it probably didn't get renamed even though the versions got updated.

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Yes LAPF 1.4 (all fixes are included) And LoversCreatures2 ! part 1 and 2 (all fixes are included)


First: download and install this Skeleton  the controlable Version http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/37596/

2. install LAPF

3. install Lovers creatures 2 (part 1 and 2) You must install LoversCreatures after LAPF


Do NOT install 'LoversPK BBB Revised 12-12-12 11-200 Animations Pack' and 'New and improved animation project'


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I don't think lovers includes a first person skeleton so it'll use the one from that link but the 3rd person skeleton does get overwritten by lapf.


Did you re-run boss? I had a problem this morning that was causing me grief and noticed the date of my bashed patch was wrong lol so once that was fixed it was smooth sailing

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I ve never used boss for oblivion before, but before i do. is it recommended to use the mod list found on the loverslab forum, or just use the list file downloaded from the main server of boss?


(i am gonna continue in about 2 days, and start with a fresh install again.  i have no time atm to get it current mess working)

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BOSS is ok for all none Lovers Mods.

BOSS http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/20516/

Run BOSS, then sort the Mods BOSS did not sort manually (clothes Mods to sorted clothes Mods, Quest Mods to sorted quest Mods, .....Sort them in about alphabetically)

Then sort your Lovers Mods (Boss does not sort Lovers Mods right) Load order here in the Spoiler http://www.loverslab.com/topic/4487-please-read-before-posting-here/


Oh, yes the Skeleton Mod is only for the first Person Skeleton, the 3rd Person Skeletons will be overridden by LAPF.

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