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beautiful face mod ?


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That is such an open-ended question. There are dozens of mods all around the web for that very question, and the answer is highly subjective. What I find beautiful you may consider plain or even fugly, and vice versa. A good starting point is the Type 3 body and Mojave Delight female texture pack. From that foundation you'll know where to look to build on them with things that appeal to you. Search out those two on nexus, then use the tags to look for similar files.

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The key to good female faces in FO are the player presets.  If those are bad, you'll never get a nice face.  The major factor is the face geometry.  There are 'breaking points' on the chargen sliders and the wrong combination will wreck a toon's look.  I did the presets for Mojave Delight and those faces along with Xaznom's head textures were meant to work together.  But face geometry is the key.

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Guest endgameaddiction

I see no beauty in the WoTW and MoTW headmesh. The nose and lip portion seem to be a bit exaggerated. Then again the creator of FCO who uses the headmesh doesn't go for eyecandy.


I was going to tweak the headmesh for WoTW and I might (someday) to see what I could come up with. There have been a few passives using it on the image share on nexus. Then again, I've been wanting to mess with zzjay's for a while. I'm still using throttlekitty's version.

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the enb is apocalypse enb on nexus here... http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/50782/?  the weapon is a M110 i believe from a russian web site comes in a huge pack of weps...i would have to find the link for that and daughter of ares i do recommend which u can find here ....http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/53683/?  . lol TBH i jus started playing FNV about a week ago maybe a week n a half. so far im loving it

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Guest endgameaddiction

Well I've realized I put my foot in my mouth. It looks like DoA uses the WoTW headmesh as the base for the race. *mumbles* I guess with the right amount of tweaking it can look good.

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Guest endgameaddiction

i've used mojave delight  and mojave delight natural and emo race

and this is what i got, looks a bit good, than the real race :3


but the nose seems looks weird  -_-"


Yeah, I know what you mean about the nose. I've always had a problem with the nose when I first started tweaking faces. My very first tweaked character took me a bit over 2 years of constant tweaking on and off because of the nose portion.


I'm doing a playthrough of Fallout + TTW with DoA race. It's worth a try. I highly suggest removing the eyebrows. The face already comes with eyebrows that are much much better.

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enb helps a lot, ill show you some pics of alpenglow enb








enb of apoc and alpenglow requires a good comp for max settings but you see the results...


i think i need greater pc to achieve that lol

only has 4 gb rams and 512 for the vga here


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Guest endgameaddiction

Nice character. I see one thing that could use a little bit fixing, but that's because I'm very picky. It might just be because of the angle itself.


And yes, to develope a face, it takes time. Face symmetric/geometry, textures and even light effects play a big role. It also depends the headmesh. To me it does. zzjay has released a lovely headmesh fix that I want to try out. I've been using throttlekitty's headmesh 6 fix version for a long time. I would really like to get into Blender and actually really make a headmesh. I want to start a different series of faces that are much more realistic to a post apocalyptic game. As in grity faces. Dirt, scars and bruises. I also want to start messing with giving a certain amount of gloss effect to the nif to make it look more realistic. SariDecember did an excellent job on his female preset and did a tutorial on how to accomplish it.

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Don't feel bored to correct what is wrong with your character face, even me to make my char like this:






it needed at least 7 re-correction especially for nose, jaw, and mouth areas


Wow, nice. Were the adjustments made in GECK?


Do you mind sharing what you used as a base? I'm just starting FNV and I'm still having trouble deciding what I should use as a base for tweaking.



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