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Moose nose feet(model bug, help please)


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After editing boot meshesh to fit the body and failing at it' date=' I looked at them in the game and was terrified (well actually I laughed). They were warped and looked like moose noses! So I need help to fix this. Comeon...anyone? Please...



This is generally an issue with exporting a mesh from blender. Sometimes, you have a mesh that's mapped to a skeleton properly in the .nif, but something about that skeleton is slightly weird, so once the game attempts to bind the faces to its own skeleton, the mesh freaks out. Once you've exported the mesh this way, there's no way I'm aware of to fix it unless you can get blender to parent the mesh to a proper skeleton. My advice is that you start over, and make sure that you do not try to parent the mesh to a new skeleton, but rather use the one that blender automatically imports with the mesh.

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