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what mods are compatible with cls and which arent....... any suggestions?


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ill start by asking if lovers with pk is compatable? i also have a couple necromancer mods i want to try.


what is the general type of mods to avoid? i was told mods that involed teleporting and changing of carachters aperance. i find tid bits about the does and donts but can't remember were half of them are located.


here, loverslab, nexus, anyway. i just wanted to find whats compatable and whats not. thought this new topic might be helpfull for others as well as mysef.




thanks all! have fun with cls!!


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I just finished a run through CLS+SMoC with about 200 mods active (400+ before I merged and bashed them down).


Load order is the important thing. Vtoy should be loaded after your bashed patch, before the LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp.


Also, avoid any mod that changes Dragon Claw Rock (I know there's a clothing compilation mod that plunks a store down there), as CLS has an outdoor sequence there.


If you're running something that adds spawns to the roads, one of the Vtoy quests (an escort mission) will be much tougher.


Consider using Dynamic Leveled Lists to make sure that you're getting all possible spawns from all of your mods; it gets loaded last in your load order.


Loading Vtoy after the Bashed Patch will let you get away with mods that mess with NPCs appearance, as Vtoy will win any conflicts. I had no problems with mods that added teleportation, but don't teleport out of dream sequences or cut scenes. It's also not a good idea to use mods that mess with AI (slavery mods, rape mods, Companionship Spells) on SMoC characters, as you don't want their AI going wacky when they're meant to be following a script. If you're using Joburg, it's best to change the settings to exempt Vtoy NPCs.

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