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Characters miss each other by a bit

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most of the time (99%) the chars are missing each other during the animation. Animation works fine, but they are a bit apart or a few meters apart which kinda looks weird. The NPC sometimes attempts to get closer during the animation but that never really does anything except a sliding NPC. How can I fix this?

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Guest kimbale

Use the alignment hotkeys, they can be defined in the MCM menu. I think the L button is the default button to make the male character (or who ever has that role in the animation) get closer. Buttons for left/right and up/down correction are to the right of it.

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sorry to dig up an old thread



could someone who is a bit more experienced help me? Tried for a while and now that I have come back to skyrim I would like some help. I just cant get this done right. could someone quickly give me some tips?



I get it kind of right but then the npc tends to jump a bit around, and its really hard to get it down right...

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I'm not an expert by any stretch, but let me ask...

When you say the NPC is "sliding", what do you mean exactly? Do you see the NPC actually sliding around? Or does it look like the NPC is violently jerking back and forth or up and down?


If you have moving characters during a SexLab scene I'd say something has gone wrong with your game/your SexLab copy.

If NPCs are jerking violently as if trying to get to their defined position but then sort of repeatedly bouncing backwards or upwards or whichever direction, that usually means that the position they are trying to get to is already occupied by a physical object. For instance I get this kinda behavior if I try to move an actor in a SL scene *down* too much, as in, their feet would be underground.


As for how to go about fixing the alignment, I'd say your best bet is to *disable* the Auto-stages and then fix the stages slowly and individually. If you have SexLab set so it will automatically up or down a stage that can be a problem with aligning characters I found, not only because you may be in the middle of aligning an animation and suddenly the next one triggers, but sometimes that violent change in animations *while* you are pressing the hotkeys can lead to having the previous animation be completely offset. I'm not sure if this is a general issue or just me, but I can tell you since I disabled the Auto-stages I've been having less and less issues with alignment.


Then of course there's the fact of sizes... because even though there is a SexLab option to even actors' heights, body frames and types are still not the same, so if you adjust 2 actors in an animation, say 2 females, the next time you trigger that animation if the other actor is a male instead, you will most likely find your perfect adjustments will be off, and fixing *this* scene will only cause the previous scenario to be off again. This is probably just a limitation of what the Framework can do as it would probably take Way too much work to make it so SexLab can recognize every single NPC, or race, or frame, or gender just to have all animations align 100% perfectly with everyone.


That leads to my final advice... Find the NPC type that you love the most (gender, race) and try to keep your SexLab interactions with that kind of NPC exclusive. By sticking to one mainly one type of NPC for your SexLab adventures you will sort of mask that limitation problem.

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wait, so if I install it properly should it normally work out fine without needing to big of changes?


I am using a player created race (ningheim) does that factor in? If I deinstall and do it again, may this solve the problem? because how I understand it correctly, for the most part the animations should work without having to change too much to the location of the chars, correct?

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