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what the hell is that tree doing on Lydia's back?

Guest wellbredbitch

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Guest wellbredbitch

Lydia has aquired a giants club from somewhere.

i was dressing her for our wedding. when i removed her sovngarde set she auto equipped her default steel set. with the addition of a giants club!


how can this happen? i've never installed a mod that allows it. her inventory is empty. i want her to be pretty for our wedding. is there a console command i can use to get rid of it?


any advice appreaciated

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Well... it certainly explains how she convinced you to marry her.


Sometimes inventory items are hidden from players. Try TEMPORARILY installing Amazing follower tweaks.  Go into tweak options.  Manage the outfit.  Then check the standard outfit.

(make sure you do not overwrite anything so that you can uninstall it if you do not want to.)


see if her tree shows up in there.


EDIT:  Actually in the console you can click on them and type Showinventory

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Guest wellbredbitch

thankyou for the wiki link. i have used the take command often with all my followers in the past. i must have told Lydia to take a club sometime.

i used to know the unequipall removeall commands but i have forgotten the proper sequence. could i ask for a an idot proof example of them?

then i can get that club gone.

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for the removeallitems command


1-open the console and click on the npc you want to remove the items

2-type removeallitems and press enter

3-(optional)type resetinventory and press enter


if you want to restore the npc to its default items you can use the resetinventory command after removing the items.

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Guest wellbredbitch

i'm about to get married to her. i have given her a wedding dress a wedding wreath and  wedding sandals. how do i make her equip them? i've forgotten. sorry!


ignore the above question i made her default nude via EFF. hse was wearing the wedding dress etc when i we made our vows.


your advice for  the cure for the giants club worked a treat.




of all the npc's that could have been randomly selected to attend our wedding


i got Eola!   i grabbed her as a follower. 


now i have to work out how i'm going to fuck lydia as our arousal is 100 each. schlongs of skyrin installed for me and she has the unp top model body.


should i go for lovers comfort or lovers romance? or both?



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console command equipitem <Item ID> <#>


1-open the console and click on the npc you want to equip the items

2-type "equipitem 00088956 1" (without the quotes) and press enter (this is an example of the command to equip the wedding dress the number 1 at the end of the command makes the item un removable)

3-use the same command for the other items you want to equip


equipitem 0008895A 1    (for the wedding wreath)


equipitem 00088958 1    (for the wedding sandals)

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Guest wellbredbitch

ahaa!  thanks for that. all sorted.


is there a mod that makes Lydia stand like a woman? she has a very masculine stance.

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If your using UFO; when you open up her speach dialogue you can select "you know" then "you can dress better" (or something like that I can't recall exactly). This will cuase every thing she has to appear in her inventory (clothes/equipment that wouldn't normaly show as tradable will now show up in her inventory when you ask to trade with her you should see them).


Hope this helps.



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