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Little guide for NVIDIA graphic card users


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It´s my first post but I want to contribute to the cause of giving a better experience in Skyrim and i couldnt find this way to improve the skyrim visual effects so i give you the link to NVIDIA home page that talks about that (i´ve prove it and the perfomance is really good, especially the shadows). Sorry for the ATI gpu owners i couldn´t find anything. :huh:


Guide to better perfomance


PS: my native language it´s not english, sorry about the mistakes. Maybe some people have just found the guide before, or maybe i couldn find it in the forum.

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I was gonna make a topic on running the game past ultra settings with ini and nvidia inspector. Basically just a bunch of settings similar to the one in the link but for people who dont have such a powerful system as the one recommended by nvidia. I have been testing for a few days now and I have come up with some settings that can improve the quality but not decrease performance. For example instead of using Fallout 3 AO, use Farcry 2 AO instead, less performance drain but improved image quality.

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after some testing :grass with skyrim AO flickers like Fallout 3 AO,if u dont use AA it doesnt matter much when the whole screen is fucked up:P

best at all is still the oblivion one .....0x00000011 but has a big FPS drop

Farcry 2 AO provides more fps but has just a little effect.

bout the AF:that one is nice .....

but the aa comp bits dont do anything for me,im getting jaggies everywhere.

aa via ingame plus sparse grid SS via inspector gives the best quality in motion.

anyways pointed that out some days ago.guess it was overseen

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