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Hey! Any suggestions?


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I've been playing through Skyrim and have felt like playing through oblivion again, but this time with mods - that being said, I don't know where to start with modding my game out OR what to add to the game... ._.


Anyone got any suggestions? I'm up for anything to be added really. Have seen some really awesome characters and textures floating around the forum!


Does it matter that I've got Oblivion: Game of the year addition?


Also, before I forget I'm on a games design course in the UK so I'm playing around with 3DS Max and some more programs at the start of the year - wanting to get into modding myself! :D


Thanks! :D

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Get Oblivion Script Extender at least - it brings more functionality to mods and many of them use it.


A few I use -


Qarl's texture pack 3 - makes world textures a lot nicer.


Natural Environments - it's an old one, but I like it.


Oblivion movie director - is nice since you can move your player while in flying camera mode for screenshots/machinima




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