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Real Lesbians and Bisexuals


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So I was playing Oblivion testing Mastercchris' stocks a few days ago when a Bisexual female friend of mine into S&M popped in.

She was very amused, so I showed her this website. She reacted as I thought she would,.... with much laughter...


She suggested I 'tell it like it is' so, bearing in mind this is from someone who has been active on the GLTB scene for twenty years now.


Most Lesbians/Bi women neither own, nor use strap-ons. There just isn't that much pleasure to be had by at least one of the partners. Now having said that, my friend DOES (she's the only women she knows who has one mind). She mostly ends up using it on male partners though.


So what DO Lesbians do you ask? They use fingers and tongues. They might indulge in 'clamming'. (Think about it). Vibrators are popular, but more often 'butterflies' rather than 'rampant rabbits'. Strapping a lump of rubber to your self just isn't that exciting though. It's a visual clue for imagination challenged men in sex establishments that says 'look: a lesbian' is my friends opinion.


Now every one is different, and I'm sure some women like strap-ons. It's just they are not as ubiquitous as you might think!

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Yea Agreed,

One South Park Ep Comes to Mind too ....


On the Subject Of Strapons


This Is Strapon For The Dual Pillory BTW Its Not Meant to Like, In Fact there was More Stuff On the Dildo , Blender would not allow me to Export Without Dessimating the mesh lol .Had to Scrap that Idea ...






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The way I see it, strapons are mostly for domination.

That's how I envision a lot of their usage in Oblivion mods and such - for domination and rape. It would be nice if consentual sex had more licking/fingering and the like of course.


However, there are no set "rules" and everybody is different in their tastes.

It's sort of like how people saying "all real life lesbians are ugly!" get on my nerves. Hey it turns out real people come in all shapes and sizes, so some might be what some consider "ugly" and some will not. Nothing is set in stone.

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Strap-ons definitely have their place with some couples, but they aren't as popular as people may believe. While some might feel there is a dominance aspect to it; it's just something else to do for many.


Doing something your partner physically enjoys doesn't always have to mean that you have to be getting something out of it too. Having them moan and squirm about as a reaction can be fun enough on its own. Oral is a decent (though not perfect) example of this. Not doing something because you're not getting anything out of it would be rather selfish, after all.


As for the vibrator thing, I find that butterfly style ones usually have little to no place during play time with a partner. Something more mobile, if you will, is more enjoyable and less awkward.

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I also want to contribute something, though you have to bear in mind, as already posted, everyone is different.


But I think that strap-ons are mainly an element of male fantasy, in reality. In lovers, I can see why they chose them: You basically have to do only one set of animations, namely "straight" (or male gay XD) ones. Creating new animations is A LOT of work, so it's okay.


Although, as I already stated, I don't get much out of strap-ons (or futa :/ ) either. I'm not even too fond of vibs or dildos, you don't need something phallic to experience female pleasure although it depends strongly on preferences and situations.


Regarding the lovers mod we should also keep in mind that this is a medieval-esque fantasyworld. Why would every female always carry a strap-on around? *g* Cunilingus, fingering or tribbering/scissoring should be way more common an comfortable, especially for rather spontanous actions *g*


I cannot speak for any real live lesbian/bi woman, but that's my opinion on this :)

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I mostly agree with the comments here, being lesbian myself, i never was too fond of toys, although vibrators have their place, i much prefer a "hands on" method. And by "hands" i mean whole bodies ;)


I also believe that strap-ons are mainly an invention of male fantasy (as i have met so many people that simply can not conceive what we would do without a phallic instrument; maybe some would feel threatened by lack of such), although i guess some people like them and that is fine too.




For sure, giving oral is fun and pleasurable for the giver as well. Sometimes i like it even more than receiving myself... sometimes :P

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I'll input my 2 cents as well. I'm a male and I definitely see the dildo thing as being something from fantasy. To tell the truth I think it would be something very interesting to see a mod on oblivion for lesbians. Hell even I would jump in and use the mod just for the heck of it.

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My 2c, as someone who's used all of the above...


- Strapons and the enjoyment of them vary wildly based on cost and design. Cheap ones are uncomfortable, awkward and of limited fun for both partners, other than as a giggle. Expensive ones can be very enjoyable, for both if they have the bits on both sides that some have. Does require a bit of patience, fiddling and flexibility to get the angles right, though :P


- Strapons definitely have a psychological element that adds to the enjoyment, probably more than the physical elements. It's more than just domination, it's role association and a sense of 'completion' in the intimacy.


- Wikipedia says that the history of dildoes and strapons is hard to confirm, because they have a tendency to be behind closed doors, but there's definite signs that both have been used for a long time... making their presence in a fantasy-themed game quite reasonable.



I'd love to see more lesbian-friendly animations in the main animation mods here, but strapons would be an acceptable compromise :)

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no doubt that those implements can be pleasurable, if you are into them at all. I am not, i just hate plastic near me... I think that more than cost and design determines the degree of enjoyment ;)


But i agree with you on the way it can be enjoyable for both parties. Although i do not quite get it anyway, as the very LACK of a phallic instrument is what turns me on about women. But once again to each their own :)


As for the history, there is no doubt that these instruments have been used by women AND men for quite a while. Although to which degree the lesbian community used it is very debatable, since there is no way to determine who even was lesbian in prior times and not even today as so many won't tell who they are (as they shouldn't have to).




LOL, yeah, but i guess that is also because it is much easier to show the roughness of male "loving" than the tenderness of female love :P Although there are some good animations in Dragon Age (modded), so i wonder what it would take to transfer those?

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