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Please help me find a race mod!

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My computer had to be formatted, resulting in the loss of all my mods and saves. I had a particular one, which I liked a lot. I don't know what race it was. I know it wasn't Desert Succubus or Moonshadow, I've looked for it for a while on the Nexus, which is where I think I got it. I remember that was using a lipstick texture that had a stripe of color down the center of the lower lip, and the upper lip was a solid color that matched the stripe on the lower lip. I'm sorry if that doesn't help, but I'm doing my best. If anyone has any possibilities, I'll try them out. I'm desperate, please help!

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Desert Succubus Is Better Known As ( Shiloh DS ) Requires Lings Which Is A Not Easy To Find Now ...

Mojave Delight Has Everything You Need In One File ....

Theres Also BEWARE OF GIRL African American Albino Race NEW VEGAS


Mojave Delight



BEWARE OF GIRL African American Albino Race NEW VEGAS


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