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Oblivion IV game crashes after hiyoko child get damage.

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Oblivion IV game crashes after hiyoko child get damage. I wish, i could just leave her at home or something - thus her being real pain in the ass.

Is there any similar topic with an solution nowadays?

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This mustn't happen. Maybe wrong load order, or changed load order.

What do you use?  Only HiyokoGenerator.esp or also HiyokoGeneratorGeneForge.esp?


If change your load order the children are messed up (even if you don't see it) .  The informations about child creation, parents etc. are saved my load order position.

Before changing the load order you have to clean the game, "kill" all children. There is a Hiyoko and Tamago spell you must use the reset functions.

That's why you install Tamago at the very end when you have all the mods you want.

With HiyokoGeneratorGeneForge the children look good, even after a load order change, because the Mod use own child races. HiyokoGenerator mixes the races, looks of the parents.

But I don't know what other load order dependent data is also saved. So I always reset Hiyoko and Tamago when I change my load order.



Children commands

I think there is an Hiyoko Mod with which you can give the children commands... but I am not sure. I only use the base mod ( HiyokoClub.esm, TamagoClub.esm, HiyokoGenerator.esp, LoversTamagoClub.esp, TamagoSetBody.esp ) and the human and creature child Mods HiyokoGeneratorGeneForge.esp and HiyokoGeneratorBroodMother.esp.

I use no other addons.


I use MCS to make my children companions


My post from  September 21, 2021

You only need MadCompanionshipSpells and MCS extension ( I don't use HumanTouchNPC )

With MCS you can make any NPC in game your companion. Or just use the Order command to take a look into the NPC inventory, ...   You can tell the companion/child to wait, follow, relax (it will wander, eat and sleep. really nice in a player house )



Load order and other game porblems




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