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SexoutRex TTW Edition

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A reiteration of SexoutRex by reivzje to include Tale of Two Wastelands functionality.


Basically, this mod lets Rex and Dogmeat fuck your female companions. Veronica, Cass, Sunny, Cross, Clover, Sydney, Lucy West, Bittercup, Brianna, Willow, ANY Female companion, And yourself.


For dog on female sex, talk to the female in question. There will be a top level dialogue option allowing you to sic your dog on her. For yourself you'll have to talk to dogmeat or rex.


Didn't include Amata because there's like 4 versions of her and I'm not sure which version the mod uses (if it's even TTW compatible at this time.) Should work now.


Requires Sexout (Duh) And Tale of Two Wastelands. If you do not use TTW use the original version posted in the link above.


The Willow version requires companion willow. Willow version no longer necessary.


The Willow version re-added. It's not required for Willow per se, as dogmeat and rex will still fuck her just fine without it. However, using the willow version will add support for J.T... and a bonus for Willow*J.T.

A little warning though: J.T. is more than a little defensive of Willow, and won't allow any other dog to screw her while he's following.

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    Sexout, Tale of Two Wastelands


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Guest tomm434

Can i use it without TTW? The original SexoutRex won't allow your character to have sex with Rex, only with the companions.


If it requires TTW, then no. You have to have TTW in you load order to start the game with this mod(without TTW, game will crash on loading). Easier to ask author to update original Rex for FalloutNV.


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No you cannot use it without TTW.


Also, re-added a willow version. It's not required per se, as dogmeat and rex will still screw her just fine without it. However, the willow version will also allow J.T. To get on the fun. Once you get him in your party he can be ordered to screw female companions just like Rex or Dogmeat.


And if you ask Willow to get it on with J.T. you'll get a little bonus dialogue (the first time). Beware however that once bought, you won't be able to have dogmeat or rex screw Willow, as J.T. is quite... defensive of her.

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I can't get this to work with the latest willow mod v1.8. I checked it with fnvedit and saw the refs where wrong, so I canged them, that resulted in me getting the appropriate dialogue but sadly no cigar. anyone got a fixed version?


nice one btw :)

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