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I'm looking for game recommendations

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Ok I doubt anyone cares but I'm gonna say this real quick, I'm new here so I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong location, in fact I'm pretty damn new to using forums in general... if this is in the wrong location tell me so I might correct my mistake or move this to the correct discussion location? thanks! back to my main topic.

I'm Looking for adult game recommendations I'm open to just about anything however as of late i prefer Breeding/Impregnation games. I'm looking for games with a less realistic vibe (?) not sure how to explain this one well  (Side note any MMOs free or subscription based would be cool as well, since i haven't found one I enjoy since Everquest and Starwars Galaxies)

I'd love some Visual novels where you make a choice and it actually has an effect on how the rest of the story plays out (Good ending/bad ending/ dead end/ ETC) rather then what i keep finding which is just a book you read and no matter which choice you make the end result is always the same >_>

Please No Puzzle or Match three games! No Yaoi / Male X Male (I have tried to play multiple games of this genre, but no matter what they just do not interest me...)

Games I've played that i really enjoy "Princess & Conquest (Enjoy this one a lot!) , Breeders of the Nephelym, Evenicle ( absolutely love this one!!!! ) Monster Girl Club Bifrost. these are just a couple of games but probably the ones I've invested the most time into (?)

(it'd be nice but not necessary) Too those who do recommend anything along with the name could you also add what type of game it is (Example : RPG / RTS / City Builder / Visual Novel / Dating Sim / ETC? ) I will check out any games recommended

 Lastly thank you to any and all who throw me recommendations =D

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No experience with mods unfortunately but willing to learn, mainly just looking for games in general finished or not... patreon developer recommendations as well are helpful. or even mega links? but if any of this is a violation of rules please let me know and I'll drop my post. as i said before I'm entirely new to forums so I'm not sure what's acceptable and what's not. not here to cause problems. just looking for information =D

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