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(Request/Info Searching) Race with wings & can fly?

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Hi, I'm looking for a mod that adds a race with wings that can fly, not looking for that flying mod it's too boring to me since it doesn't have any framework animations for flight as if they had wings flapping etc.


I'm looking in specific a race with two options for wings, such as Fallen Angel wings (demonic) and Angel wings (holy). The Fallen Angel wings I imagine are grayish pale-looking with pulsing veins and little to no feathers, while the Angel wings have feathers with the same color as the characters hair I guess. This race would have the added ability such as other races like Imperial has the Emperors Shout, the Kahjiit with their eyes, etc. Giving the ability of flight when either jumping or double-jump, with the (x) button as the button to descend while pressing the space bar makes you fly up higher.


If anyone can make this kind of mod I would greatly appreciate it. Or if there is already a single mod (not just a bunch of multiple mods mixed together) give me the heads up on what it is and where I can find it, thanks.


Edit; Hoping this thread don't get locked as I'm sure there's a thread for suggestions and requests, but chances of finding something buried under tons of others would be difficult and take hours of combing through comments. If it does get locked, oh well, it isn't that big of a deal, just trying to find something fun to tinker around with.

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