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How to get a cbbe body ti look like this?


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I have been looking for the right look for my character and i finally found it. problem is that i need to stick with cbbe body because there is major problems when i equip cbbe Armour on a different body type. So i was was wondering if you knew a way to get the cbbe body to look like these images (using body sliders or anything) i know that the pictures are of different bodies but that is the general shape i want.







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You will not find a cbbe body like that.

You can make one yourself using bodyslide ... not too hard but it will take time.  just go to Nexus and download  Bodyslide CB++ by Chronotrigger


Please follow all install directions... and download any extra armor or clothes you may need,  then start messing with sliders, and don't be afraid of using settings beyond the basic 0 to 100 percent.  I have several that use negative percentages and percentages above 200.  When you are finally happy with it, be sure to immediately save it as a preset.

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ya i have, but i was hoping that someone already did this and already has a body that looks like what im looking for. so all i would have to do is follow his directions and i get the body or he gives a link to his body slide preset for said body. because every time i mess with body slides it always ends up messed up

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