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Through the Looking Glass [C.A-Reboot Project] W.i.P


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If emily made it back home in one piece from her hongkong trip, This project begin.

Of course. Haters gonna hate.

But it doesn't matter she mod for herself and her friends.

Not some worthless audience.

and their worthless expectation.



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Thulas, your ninja emily post!



guess three op should do it.


Sorry, I fixed it for you...somewhat.


I wonder; why is there Sigmund Freud? How could psychology be connected with you mods? *cough*

Anyway, glad to hear you made it. ;)

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Nah. if you spell it fast enough it's end up as sheogorath.


Anyway, before emily can mod summer paradise. there are plenty of stuff need to be prepared.

Lots of thing to be removed and lots of things to be added.

Total wipe out.

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of course. it over haul shivering isle into heaven of asylum that emily have been dream off.


- Cinderella pumpkin carriage.

- geppetto and penochio.

- alice in wonderland.

- red riding sisterhood.

- little match girl.

- candy canes.

- rainbow unicorn.

- knaifs.

- clown.

- bloods.

- captain skull.

- mermaids.

- pan.

- the piper.

- Henrich iron.

- wizard of oz.

- Donkey.

- dormices.

- red knights.

- card army.

- granma wolf.


Sorta monstergirl stuff.

Not the real Alice Pleasance Liddell, mind you.

Cuz she is dead.

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No, it doesn't make you kids.

Only kids are immune to insanity, because their innocense and carelessness .

The only savior of greymarch.


At least sheogorath term of his coming sanity.



anyway, here is penochio with cinderella. from [Final Cinderella]


Apparently Geppeto in madness has sort of puppet army made from evil forest in dementia.




Red riding hood, rangers.


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Of course our primary antagonist.




The final monstergirl.

Then everything is over.


She will never appear in person, but channeled from her shard.

Everyone in the shivering isle seeks for happily ever after.

Which ever role play your hero or heroine going to be is depend your archetype.

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The heretics will be replaced with pirates, there will be captive.


But this one is SFW.

You will be saving sentient monstergirls umn...daedra.. like mermaids, moon calves, fairies from the pirates.

The pirates are lead by captain skull.

Who have quite an armada to take down the shivering isle.


This is a story book children adventure.

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This looks very nice

A few questions come to my mind...


Is this gonna be an awesome dark fairy tale with epic battles, blood and adventure?

Or you plan on making it yet another sex mod?


I ask because I have certain temp characters I use for experiments and are vulnerable to sex mods and testing, but my main ones are untouchable and do not use any

And... my main char is called Alice you know...

It could be like dark part of herself... fighting against her own dark side (drools on expectation)


Also... you plan on using dependencies?

I'm so sick of things depending on MBP and x117

I found Children Annuad, and one of the good things about it... No dependencies.


I'll see about the stuff you asked previously, can't make any promises though

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You can play alice or red riding hood or penecheo or dorothy or White snow or hansel and greta or captain kid.


Or any role play you can assume, Every Player has own archetype.


This is safe for work and independence from any esm.

Unlike monster girl emily doesn't have to behave like bitch or whore on this thread.


Emily don't behave like that on most occasion, it's all to make the monstergirl mod obscene to lesser member.


However mediocrity of certain member here will derail the whole thing into his level as per his social function. But that's our future burden, we'll not bear it today.


All emily want is to honor Sigmund.F in shivering isle mod

and everything that can be used to turn it into limbo of infancy.

We talked about this everytime in BBOF now it's time to make it.


if emily cames back from hongkong safely that is.

Vacation trip are expensive and emily economic has been stagnant since USD.$ got up. It may be bit hard to work and mod under this condition.

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The minotaur and goblin skeleton will be upgraded with BBB-fyed creature skeleton with hgec compatibity in 'Through the looking glass' to create certain monster like:


- Beast'Vincento.

- Scarecrow.

- Crow.

- Crone Hag.

- giggles.

- insidious ruins.

- igor.

- hunchback of daggerfall.

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