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Simple romance mod?


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Been searching around and can't seem to find what I'm looking for.  Maybe it doesn't exist since it's not overly kinky and whatever.  Are there any good romance mods out there?  I'm hoping to find a mod that would allow me to have sex with my spouse, that has some good romantic poses.  I can see bits and pieces of what I want in various mods, but they all have things I have no interest in.  I've seen some great poses in screenshots for MiniLovers *I think that's what it was called* but despite the name, it seems to be more of a rape mod than a lover mod.  I saw a mention of Lovers Comfort, where you get "comforted" by your spouse when you sleep with them, but it seems to also include your spouse cheating on you if you leave for too long a time.  Animated Prostitution has the dialogue triggers I'm hoping for, rather than spells or shouts like some other mods, but as the name suggests it's more of a prostitution mod.  I am going to check it out again since it's been updated.  The updates mention new animations so I'm hoping maybe it will have some positions I'm looking for, but I'm still hoping to find a mod that's specifically created to be a romantic addition to Skyrim marriage, rather than all the fetish stuff that make up the majority of the sex mods.

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