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hey guys ^_^. i recently downloaded duke city mod and absulutly loved it, how it was a modern city with a subway,bar with a fight club, a sex store and apartments. but i was woundering, has anyone come up with another mod like duke city? just with...alittle more Adult content?. i loved the slums in duke city and how messy it looks. really comes together if your a prostitute ;)

a random idea i had when playing the duke city mod was, i went into the burger joint there just to take a look around and i seen that theres a huge bathroom at the back with writtings on the walls, i thought omg! i should ask if anyone has ever EVER done a glory hole like mod! thatd be so awsome :o - ^_^-.
id try to construct a glory hole mod, but unfortunitly i cant do any really work on this laptop im using at the moment =[.

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One of the many toilets by the way has a locked door called "sorry, we are fucking". Maybe you have found it.


Anyway, a gloryhole mod shouldn't be that hard to create. Instead of a real NPC as parter this could be done by adding a "dildo" to the wall during sex with the right animations - mainly the kneeing bj-animation comes to my mind here.

Sexy maid of Chorrol had something similar, so this definitely should work.

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