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Characters "floating away" during sex scene

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First I'd like to say hi to everyone since I'm new here, and that I'm fascinated by the Sexlab package and its mods, notably Sexlab Defeat and Lovers Comfort.


Now for a little bit of a nasty quirck - at rare times when a sex scene begins the characters start to "float away" for some reason and I have to keep hitting "[" to keep them in the spot. It's especially notable when inside Jorrvaskr at the sleeping area when I initiate sex with anyone sleeping in one of the beds of the non-circle members. In fact it's not just the characters, but even nearby objects (eg plates, food, weapons, etc) float away too, like there's some kind of antigravitiy field - heck when someone walked in on my character doing it to someone, even that person was being "pushed" away by whatever was causing all the floating.

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I too, have been seeing this recently, though unhelpfully I cannot say when it started or what I may have changed prior to the floating /sliding everything. My mods are messy enough I may need to start a new game. It's been a while since I've had to do that, but it's also been awhile that I haven't been tracking the exact steps I've been doing to my game. I also have play with Defeated and Lovers Comfort (along with a host of others). As unhelpful and unspecific as this may be, at least we are seeing the same behaviors, so we're not imagining things.

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I see that quite a bit, it's mostly only the AP animations that do that since they were poorly made in the first place. I only enable Arrok's animations in the animation list because I don't see the float away bug from those animations.


In my case all of the animations end up with the "float away" bug. In fact I use mostly the Arrok's anims and they experience that bug too.

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I had this problem as well. Tried disabled all mods, removing all anims, etc. Same problem. I started going back and reloading old saves, was able to find one that worked. By going between the save that didnt work and the save that worked I determined the problem was started because I initiated sex dialogue with an NPC but never actually had sex with them, then went and initiated another sex dialogue via a different plugin and that's when the problem started. Not sure how to clean it up as it was scripting based. Just had to load the other save.

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I have occasionally seen npcs float into the air, but recently I have encountered a new bug (after many weeks of unbugged playing) in which three of the anal anims (not sure of the names, but they are right next to each other in the sequence) have this weird thing where my player moves in a semicircular trajectory (but on the floor, not the air) until she is 180 degrees from her starting position, and now facing away from the npc, and goes through the motions as if npc were in coitus. NPC goes through corresponding motions but at same distance. Any ideas what might be causing this?

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It happened to me as well..

The issue is u finish the scene by rapidly push "space" ...

This issue comes up after sexlab v2..

the other issue I think is...

when we change scene or move to next scene it's kinda lag/take more time than sexlab under v2

I have sexlab v1.4 when I change or move to next scene they change instantly, but it's not happen on sexlab after v2

Hope ashal fix this issue..

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