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Sexlab Animations slightly misaligned

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Hello everyone,

first of all, thank you for these amazing mods, they improved Skyrim greatly.

However I have a small issue with the animations. It's not game-breaking and it's tolerable, however the animations simply do not line up completely. My character is not stroking her follower's dick, but is moving her hand slightly above it, she does not suck the dick, the dick strokes her hair and so on.

This happens on all kinds of terrain, I toggled the PC collision and resetting the animation does not work either, it looks right for about a second and then is back to being misaligned.

Ideas? ;_;


Thanks in advance for all suggestions.

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Just use the position hot keys and move them into the correct places.


The position hotkeys don't work with the non-Arrok BJ anims (for example), as those anims seem to have hard-coded collision and/or x/y/z limits that cause the actors to either reset position, or begin to scoot across the floor as you try to align.  Those anims appear to ignore the user's collision setting.

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Just use the position hot keys and move them into the correct places.


Was the first thing I tried. The resetting did not work (or only for 1 setting) and the manual realignment was too strong, because the misalignment is only so slight. Either that or it does not work at all. ;_;

Thanks for the tipp tho.


Unfortunately the sex is also misaligned on even surfaces, e.g. on beds or the normal floor.

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