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The Exotic Adventures of Nikita Sky

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The Exotic Adventures of Nikita Sky

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What's New In The 3.4 Build?
General adjusments 
This is 3.3 version which is the complete version. It also contains full lod (level of detail) 
Now you can have a map of the new land. General adjustments & no more bugs. 
Now instead of using coc commands to get back to Skyrim once you complete the final
quest you will be able to go back to Skyrim. Also added a new beach area called
tiki tiki beach & more bandits and archers and more buildings & objects. Stay tuned
 & subscribe to my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/DJRedRad
to stay updated The Exotic Adventures of Nikita Sky II is coming soon in which will 
be made from scratch, completing the mission
Nikita got lost when you both fell down the trap you landed back in Skyrim through 
a loophole & Nikita got stuck in The Alik'r Desert
in part II you will be able to find out what happened & how to get the cure for Nikita Sky. 
A fan Ragnarr Bjorn and many other fans requested that I upload an early access,
 now it's no longer in early access beta phase
but it's finally the complete alpha version the 3.3 build gives you the full experience. 
Part II coming soon. 
To start the quest head on over to Riften, inside of maras temple you can find 
Nikita Sky inside the temple of Mara. 
New Story
10 Quests
New Desert Land
and much more
The Exotic Adventures of Nikita Sky contains it's own LOD settings (Level of detail)
meanining it comes with it's own map and more.
1. Searching For A Miracle
2. Witch Hunt
3. Lost In The Desert!
4. Airship Fix!
5. Alik'r Reinforcements!
6. Left For Dead
7. Left For Dead II
8. Left For Dead III
9. Looking For The Cure!
10. Looking For The Cure II
DJ Red Rayne
Deserter X

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