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Skeleton sizes?

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Hello, new to this "area" of Skyrim and looking for some help. Got the Better kids plus from here as I refuse to do the adoption quests with vanilla faces on them (over a 100 hours into the game and they get avoided at all costs). 2 questions arised from this "mod".


1. It appears the female children have a different, dedicated skeleton which is fine, until they interact with the environment and they morph into adults? I only spent a few minutes with it. Is this something that needs addressed in the CK? Not sure where to start and not sure why they pull an Alice in Wonderland after eating a magical shroom unless they are getting erroneously pointed to a wrong folder file or something for the animation? 



2. It dawned on me after the Incredible Shrinking Woman act that basically all the in-game adult female NPC are essentially 6' 1" amazons that walk like male soldiers. I'd like to shrink human race female NPC to a more realistic 5' something. Is this best done with the skeleton.nif? (or whatever it's called, I just glanced through the files) I know you can set scale the player with the console, but I thought doing it that way causes atk/def etc. to get scaled down as well? 



If either answer leads towards using the CK, can you point me to the correct subsection of the CK as to where/what needs adjusted? I've altered shader effects, etc. but have yet to find any actual actor settings? Haven't spent a ton of time with the CK, so just need an idea of where you're supposed to go to alter height and lock it in?


Much appreciated.

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1.  There are markers that affects only adult npcs and makes them perform certain types of animations such as leaning on a fence or sitting on certain chairs.  These markers were never meant for children npcs.  So if an adult npc is made into a child, when they hit those markers, the animation increases their size and returns them to child scale when the animation stops.


2.  You can check out these mods.






The first two might be what you are looking for.


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Ok, I think I understand. That mod replaced the child with an adult NPC body, by crudely "shrinking" it, then it hits the animation, etc. Not really what I was looking for originally. Just wanted diverse faces on them so they aren't so "generic" looking. Before I abandon this, I'm assuming if I wanted to change the face, couldn't I use the CK to point to another face file? Seems this mod does do that, but having an adult body shrinking I care less about.


Thank you for the links to the shorter female npc, I'll look into those. Isn't it ironic that virtually every single RPG in the last 25 years always featured a child protagonist, and now it's as if they don't exist in games. Never thought about it until somebody mentioned about there being no pregnant, infant, teenagers, etc. Breaks the realism I suppose. Hopefully Bethesda games start making leaps forward and don't follow the route of COD games where the formula remains stagnate and never evolves. 

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