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Ah, gotcha.


The Creation Kit Wiki features a tutorial series for scripting; it's where I started too.

Then, this is a list of all/most commands Papyrus and SKSE currently have; for creating a MCM menu look here, to use SexLab look here (I know you've found that already, just including it for completeness sake).

Many modders also include the source code for their scripts, if so you can usually find these under /scripts/source in their download files; you may be able to learn a lot by looking at how other people's code.

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Ok just so I understand a few basics... this is how you would link two animations correct?  Then you simply list each set ***1_S1, S2, S3, etc...



int a1 = AddPosition(Female, addCum=Vaginal)
    AddPositionStage(Female1, "Beastiality_WolfDoggystyle_Female1_S1", 0)


int a2 = AddPosition(wolf)
    AddPositionStage(Wolf1, "Beastiality_WolfDoggystyle_Wolf1_S1", 44, rotate = 180)

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