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Stand Alone Playable X.117 [TES.IV]

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This mod is combination from Children Annuad and MBP.2ch database.That provide player with basic & Generic X.117 races Only.

They are playable race based from the Children Annuad NPC.


RACE: Kunne, Elven Youth, Orphan, Noble Son.


Each race have -30 ability score or minus Two Level Penalty, Which make them fragile for realism.

in exchange for elevated disposition towards them and unique power that define them.



- Basic User Knowledge & Norm of X.117

- Children Annuad [Catus Carnival] is not required, Though their armory and clothing catalog are essential to play Universal X.117.



Kun are lesser beast race separate in several clan distinguished by their coat, They are nimble, graceful cat like race who share cat like personality. Kun never have society of their own but form colony of vagabond. They see perfectly in low light and blessed with keen senses.



Elves married once, They had few children, who were very dear to them. Elven children stay with their parent as much as eternity of youth allows them. However their spiritful nature always took them outside far away from home to learn as much as their curiosity allows. Elf trained early with sword and magic, well enough for today adventure.


Noble Son

Child that exhibits behavioral from overindulgence by her parents in the imperial cosmopolitan. The noble son and daughter strive to get out of their golden cage to escape boredom, depravity or simply search of their own identity and aspiration.



Children who permanently bereaved of or abandoned by his or her parents. The lack of parents leaves the characters to pursue more interesting and adventurous lives, live in junk boxes, parks, sewer or on the street itself.. They are self-contained and introspective and who strive for affection.



Every Hero and Heroine start in a humble beginning, To rise from mistakes, adapt, changes and honor the expectation of elders. It's a big world out there sweet heart. Whatever kind of person you're going to be - Know that your parents loves of you.




This mod is still on beta and far from perfect, Some balancing & Typo still required fixing.

Additional unique hair style are not included in this mod.




* Actor Voices are interchangeable - Swap the F or M folder manually to suit your preferences.

* If You got questions - PM emily.

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Guest airdance

Emily darling it would be helpful if you stated upfront that the mod was for Oblivion.

  It would be even more helpful if you used a download service that did not require one to either download an APP, or to give information to another third party to be allowed access to the file.  Just Saying.

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Emily darling it would be helpful if you stated upfront that the mod was for Oblivion.

  It would be even more helpful if you used a download service that did not require one to either download an APP, or to give information to another third party to be allowed access to the file.  Just Saying.


Well, Okay. Tomorrow, on loverslab own server.



This is Emily primary race, So she made sure it's perfect for her own leisure.

Here a minor patch fix. Typo mostly, Emily didn't notice there was two race share a same description.


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Why is people sad about this being a mod for Oblivion?

You wanted it for Skyrim?, then go to the Skyrim download section... this is Oblivion one, just sayin...


It's a strange mod after the one who packed it  :lol:

But it certainly has its uses, facilitating a lot the installation of x117 race... and the shitload of requirements it has

Helps in minimizing conflict with other cosmetic compilations... believe it or not... not everyone uses MBP


I know I appreciate it

Thks Em!

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@Emily: I couldn't resist to download and use your work, It's fantastic.


Oe, alquimista, this file was -first- wrong posted at skyrim download section FYI.


it's true. >_< sorry, got too tired. Didn't read the mod catalog section.


This is the first time Emily add her file into loverslab download section, she always made mistake to be better next time.

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Hi there,


Thank you for this mod, the face is nice but I have a problem with the body.

The body does not look good at all, how is the body supposed to look like with your mod? Because maybe I just did something wrong.


I also saw some other awesome playable child race mods for Oblivion with very good looking body and all but they all seem to be gone...


I ask because for some reason http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/14942/? (malebodyreplacerV4) does not work either, as I tried making an Imperial the body just stays the type it is without that mod too, he also keeps that green underwear... even though I placed the nude nifs in _male.

So I guess that mod won't work at all then for standalone x117 either.


I am new to Oblivion, I wondered about it when I played Skyrim so I decided to buy Oblivion too. Installing mods, I do that manually in skyrim, is tons easier then Oblivion. :/

I tried the mod manager for oblivion but it confuses me, uless a once downloaded mod with it already places the downloaded mod ingame, then it's simple but I kept thinking 'Must I somehow move that mod somewhere once the mod manager downloaded it?'


I bought the full deluxe Oblivion via steam so it's complete, yet when I tried boss boss says all files contain dirty edits even though they are from the game itself.

I can't seem to change the loadorder either, maybe because I have windows 7, I saw that could give problems for Oblivion but I don't get it at all. Even with Skyrim the generatorfnis says 'Warning: Generator not run from a legal (Steam) Skyrim installation directory', which does not make sense as I bought the game new legally from a local gaming store back then, but I read windows 7 places it it in program files (which it does) while it's supposed to go in C: Games, confusing.


As you see I am kind of lost, tried for hours yesterday, I see pics of beautiful looking chars (faces and body, and nude) and of course I want that too but after having tried a topic that should make all chars beautiful (it also used a four section download with blank pages that somehow should be merged and stuff), and tried other mods, it all just went wrong the whole time so I got very frustrated and quit trying.


With skyrim I do it all easily, even manually, so I hope it's not too much to ask but what in the world am I doing wrong with Oblivion?


Thank you kindly.

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That is the one yes, completely perfect.

It really should be shared because that really looks good.


Futch, funny, I named a char of mine in Skyrim like that ones.

Suikoden is awesome, that is where the person (you? Emily?) who made that char got the name from right?

(Man I miss new Suikoden games, they should continue Suikoden)

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The Children Annuad have that body asset included on their data folder.




You may find it here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/13908-setbody-reloaded/?do=findComment&comment=198332


Emily haven't try this setbody reloaded. But If zundou where included, There is a fat chance that Robert boy body version are included as well.

To be frank it was made by anonymous 4.chan member, it was rejected initially on loverslab, 2 years ago.

The body was irrelevant then since there was no x.117 male exist.


Until Children Annuad was created upon it.


The file probably got mixed into Setbody reloaded after it exchanged several hands.

And like you, Everyone seems none the wiser to notice it.

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  • 2 months later...

Hi there

It doesnt work for me

I have a clean install, shivering islands, patched, I put the esp in data folder and I only got invisible x117 characters

shouldnt there be textures and meshes ? only the esp is available

more intriguing is that I installed "MBP1.4a MBP++0.98a x117++078 Aio.omod" formerly and deinstalled it to replace it with Emily's x117 and then I had the chars visible but with no hair and this is why I restarted from scratch

everybody here seem to have this working, so well that there is no new post since august, this is puzzling, do you have any clue ?

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  • 2 years later...

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