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Problems w/ Lastest versions of Pregnancy, MaternityClothes, SCR

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A few of the clothes are working properly, but alot of them either have invisible body (floating head syndrome) or the textures are rapidly changing.


Example:  from the sexout store with maternityclothesfullnew installed

alice murry outfit - floating head

alma outfit - texures changing rapidly

boomer slut outfit - working fine


I would think the floating heads is a missing/misplaced texture/mesh or else the thing thats controlling what meshes/textures to use.  Im assuming its SCR?  or pregnancy?


And the textures changing rapidly im guessing is an archiveinvalidation problem with the textures?  now that i think about it, if thats the case, then the floating heads could be from archiveinvalidation prob with meshes?


ive been playing with the load order but nothing seems to be working.


i dont think i messed anything up during installation cuz everything else is working great.  Forgive me, im bad at modding and Not really sure how to fix this, :s


also, off topic, i was wondering is SSR nessissary wehn im using SCR?




Edit: or maybe its something with sexout clothing system..   idk im so confusted,  im using the lastest version of every thing cuz i just started downlaoding this stuff yesterday.


i saw sleepy_soul having the same problem but there wasnt really an answer that i saw.  http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15699-maternityclothesfull-pack-old-version-re-upload/page-2

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OK .  to anyone else that ends up having this same problem.  THERE IS AN ENTIRE SEPERATE LIST OF REQUIREMENTS FOR SCR WHEN USING PREGNANCY AND SEXOUT STORE.  You will miss it if you assume you have SCR already working when reading the requirements for sexout store and pregnancy.


Still missing some files tho.  anyone konw where to get the stuff for the corset dresses?


Jeezz if modders dont start letting other modders repackage their stuff, gonna have to change the name of this site to requirementslab.


Ive ended up downloading over 100 requirements the past 2 days when i only really wanted like 4 mods!! :@   But great job modding!!! everyone. :shy:

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