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[mod] Tentaseed ver 0.1

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Tentaseed ver 0.1

I had two issues while playing with Lustful Void (Don't get me wrong, I love that mod. Go Lithia<3!):


First was that using the tentacle world origin mean that you had to do quite a bit of research to unlock the ability to make more tentacle worlds (you need terrestrial sculpting to terraform.)


Second was that once you unlocked the techs you would just click on a planet a say "here's energy, be tentacles." then wait for a bar to fill up.


Which didn't make sense to me. How could tentacles cover a planet without mostly-willing women to reproduce with?




So I brutally cut apart dlc and mod files and glued them together into a Frankenstein-worthy abomination made this mod.


In it's current state it adds a Tentacle Seeder building that requires the LV tech Tentacle World Creation. Once upgraded to level 4, it will transform the world into a Tentacle World before deleting itself. 


Future plans include:

  • Jobs! Currently the building only needs base game rare resources and energy. I eventually want it to give job slots that don't do much other than produce a unique resource that is required to upgrade the building to later stages. Also I plan to reduce the build/upgrade time so it's more about waiting for the jobs to produce things rather than wait for building to finish.
  • Better graphics! Maybe. I have very little artistic skill and less drive to improve it.
  • Maybe removing the ability to terraform planets into tentacle worlds without using this building?



Note that this mod very much needs LV installed to work. I don't know what would happen if you ran it without LV. All the testing I did was with UI Overhaul Dynamic, LV version 0.6.8, nobody's LV patch version 0.6, and this mod, in that order, with game version 3.5.2. It shouldn't interfere with other mods? Hopefully?

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    Lustful Void


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