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  1. If you are feeling up to it and get the right permissions then please post your conversions. I am trying to convert stuff but I'm not very good at it lol.
  2. Is there a COSIO milk harness?
  3. I would love to get a hold of this mod again. got a new computer and accidentally deleted it during the transfer.
  4. So do I just drop these into the SKSE plugins folder?
  5. Looking forward to whatever you and Mk40 decide to add to the mod when you are able.
  6. Have you thought of making species traits/trait techs that are unlocked through the events for gene/robomodding?
  7. Lol, I would love to see those Deathclaws, just for the novelty if nothing else.
  8. Please see if you can. I would love to download this.
  9. It says I don't have permission when I try to go to the download page.
  10. Any idea on when you will be able to start adding the enchantments? I love this mod and look forward to getting the bonuses on top of the looks.
  11. Yeah I updated Bodyslider. Didn't realize there was an update for it and I was trying to use the 3.2 version lol.
  12. It's crashing for me as well. Can't look at the piercings in preview or build them to use in game.
  13. Not sure to be honest, from the look of it so far it could be. It'd be best to wait for the mod author to speculate though. Just... waiting patiently for this shweet armor mod... Btw, If this mod is going to be just the jumpsuit itself maybe it could be a 'standalone' mod? Not sure what the plans are for the mod, but I'm VERY excited for when it's finished. Yes i am chekcing the topic every day , waiting for this too ! Yes, every day. ;-) Me too :-)
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